@crybleat @StuffyDoggo trick or treating is dangerous. never let your parties support do it unsupervised!

I made a color version, for easier reference for friends Fox (don't tell anyone I forgot Amy's eyelashes in my last pic...)

This was supposed to be a simple anim....how did it take so long to make.... @_@

I've also decided that the dream one is a mage. I cant choose which color scheme they should have though

Got a new tablet. And drawing on it has made doing digital way smoother for me. Any who, a little practice drawing I did of girl Tails.

Wow~! thanks to everyone that liked my drawings of my good friend @inu and her mobain fox girl! always fun drawing~ inspired I drew a new piece, featuring Inu's fox and also my Mobain Jackalope lad!
please fill them up with kindness~

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