And a new picture pack is available @Gumroad !
10 formerly Patreon exclusive HD pictures.
Enjoy ! :)

A quick loop, for fun and to dust off my old and very limited animation skills! :P
Lots could be corrected or entirely redone but I’d rather focus on producing other animations with my characters next time ;)
Enjoy !

Quarantine is over and summer is nigh! Time to get some brand new Tshirts to celebrate! Right!? XD

Enjoy my new pinup design at

and my other tshirts :

cheers :)

new & semi artworks available at both in free & members areas!!
Enjoy! :P

Here's my take on
3 variations available exclusively to members : mascara tears, cum leak and facial
Have fun :)

a new picture with 2 variations is available for members of
's having quite a BIG BAD Time with a lustful werewolf ;)
You know what to do next ;)

Hey my friends!
I'm proud to announce the release of the Picture Pack Volume 1 on @Gumroad containing 10 illustrations formerly exclusive to my site.
If you haven't subscribed to yet, go get this pack! :)

Beebop and Rocksteady having a good time, April O'Neal not so much ! :PPP

New available at

Enjoy !

and a new batch of AOD3 animated comic strips is available on
Makoto's having it rough in this one :P

Sometimes, someday you're not in the good mood. Yesterday was such a day. Willing to work but stuff not coming the right way. I still managed to do those by kicking myself in da butt big time.

AAaand the bi-monthly comic for March-April is completed too and available at

a new batch of sketches, mainly focused on blowjobs, uploaded to
it all started yesterday with some brush testing and it got out of control! XD

Why does this little demoness look like she's having a good time? Come to to find out ;)

fulfilling 's every demand! :P

We all want a girl like that ! XD

HD version available at as always ;)

Another quick sketch I did yesterday to relax, of a scene EVERY One Piece fan has though of during that event in the manga!! (aka Spandam abusing Nico in every possible way).

So, expect more with those 2 whenever I have some more spare time :P

Higher resolution and MORE One Piece pictures available to members ;)

& having fun... at least one of them is! :P
Check out the new B&W sketch available at

2nd page (on 3) of the bi-monthly comic featuring Alicia from Ar-K the Great Escape, is up on

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