For those of you wondering what kind of blockbuster MJ got signed up for after all that couch-casting, here it is - an EXPLOITATION movie extraordinaire!!!

Well, I'm sure it'll be a hit!!

Stay tuned for the soon to come PDF edition of our MJ story! Complete with never-before-seen bonus art and hi-res pages!

Have fun and take care,

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alrighty !!
Time to design some characters today on
join the fun :)

nsfw loli hard fucking dicks too big but fit 

I'm so happy with this one and it fits the theme so well I can't resist the pleasure to share it with you ! :P
HD + preg variation available at member section as usual :P
Have fun and beware those nasty candies ;)

Time to ink this baby, guys ! Live on as long as my connection doesn't die with the Fall rains hitting us right now :/
Wish me luck :P

Hi there my friends !

And the monthly pinup, featuring the lovely Carrie Fisher as the not least famous Slave Leia.
What can I say? Jabba’s understood what a girl needs !! XDDD

As usual, HD & creampied/facialized files available to members of ;)

Have fun my friends :)

Quick sketches done for relaxation today with Cala and Illyria, Yozuru's OC :)
have fun !

Hi there my friends !

One-Wing commissioned me to depict his lovely OC, Renée Vulpes, having fun alone... or is she truelly alone??
Maybe she's merely preparing herself for a special someone...? :P
Anyway, many thanks to him for the commish !!

Have fun my friends :)

anyway, even tired I've got to work, at least a bit ! XD
So time to start the monthly pinup, featuring the lovely and sorely missed as Slave Princess Leia.
There'll be a bit of Jabba too :P
Watch it live on NOW !

my 6 months old son is torturing us with sleep deprivation. I'm ready to talk but he's asking no question whatsoever.
I'm starting to believe he's a sadist and doing it for pleasure only... 🤔


Oy! Oyy!! Girlz and Boyz !!
Don't forget to log into my discord at where you can f..., have fun to your heart's content !!

on the menu today : inking, sketching, sketching again, and some coloring !
All of which watchable on if my connexion holds strong :/
Fall is back and thus wind and rain too >___<
Pray for my streams !! XD

Hi there my friends !

and one more commissioned pinup, featuring the swordbuckling lady, Fiora Laurent!
Many thanks to the commissioner :) and don't forget to login to for the HD file . ;)

and one picture for my top tier subscriber Fayden featuring his OCs, freshly branded and about to be COLORED right now on
welcome into slavery, my dear :P

hey there my friend! Time to start september with the coloring of this piece for my site as a reward to my top tier supporter, Pantboy
join the fun at now !!

And a sequel to the first commission of Osira for MetalMario69 (many thanks to him), based on LoQO characters. 

After being abused by Vhazar, the evil sister is led back to her cell where she has to satisfy the Giga Lardos of the dungeon. The horrible beasts taking pleasure from forcing her tight ass and feeding her their abundant semen. :P

Subscribe to to access the HD of this picture and many more !!

time to move this commissioned pinup of Fiona Laurent forward while I still can as the temperature is quickly climbing in my office, and it's absolutly unrelated to any form of sexuality >______>
check it out on now !

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