to get back into mood after my covid i tried to draw some hawaiian girl - i feel like i lost a LOT of practice...

Reggie Forever

The name came to my mind as i began to make scenarios for the ultimate ending of 12 Forever.
Reggie finally decides no matter how old she gets, she can still be the little energetic girl she loves to be, Reggie herself, twelve forever, and nobody will change that.

Was doing some quick doodles of my ocs. Will do more eventually as i play around with new characters and mold around the plot here and there.

Someone's enjoying her ice cream...

New commission available: Star vs. The Forces of Evil's Moon Butterfly.
Full resolution available for Fanbox subscribers only:

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Some more Arthur Content this time featuring Miss.MacGrady. I got Gilf fever and the only answer is more grandmas!

(if you want some more gilfs too consider offering your support)

Me inspiré de más, otra vez. Inspiration is one hell of a lover, anyways more Hil edits (1/2)

Sarah scares easy it turns out.
This is too big for one upload, so broke it up into 3 over the next couple of days.

If you just want the whole public thing, it is here:

Otherwise, full 5:40 version is at sites
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