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Gonna pin a waifu giving me actual useful advice to writing. I'll remember this going forward, especially with the safe for work stuff I have planned.
Bless Harvins and all things cute and smol.

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Quick list of things that I'll definitely write about.
-Smols (Pretty sure you can guess what this means)
-Normal-Sized Women.
-BDSM (to some extent)
-'Anon' x Character
-Just random moments of a character getting fucked.

Things I might write about:
-Character x Character

Things I definitely won't write about:
-Real people.
-Underage characters.
-Erotic gore.
-Anything involving bathroom junk.

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Friendly reminder to all that follow me: The characters that I write about are most likely going to be lolis 90% of the time. However, for one reason or another, they will still be of age despite their physical looks. I will never write a character being younger, even if the canon depicts otherwise, and I will never write about any real persons whatsoever. Furthermore, I will not accept follows from MAPs of any kind. I simply wish to appeal to the lolicons in the form of literature. That's all.

My art has definitely improved last year, but not at the rate I wished.
Maybe I should get a new drawpad? A Tablet that's kinda like those DS touchscreens that everyone had?

You may not like it, but this is what the pinnacle of fighting games look like now.
I certainly do.

I finally managed to pull my zombie wife a few days ago after all this time. Thank you, Martin Luther King.

Played Breath of the Wild for the first time the other day.
I found my wife. She's a real slut, I tell you.

She's so beautiful. I wish I could kiss her and grab her pretty butt through that swimsuit of hers. She can use that tube as a pillow while I snack on that pussy like a buffet and bury my dick in it like a Diglett.
This series has me misbehaving, I swear to god.

She has such a round, squeezable set of asscheeks on her. And then there's her friend... What happened there? He's just as cute as she is, but only she has that cake. Like girl, you've gotta share. He's starving. You can tell by how his ass looks like it got worn down by sandpaper, for god's sake.
I'd still fuck him, though.

Happy Birthday to the sweet cat loli of Genshin, Diona! Sexy feline loli bartender looks so marvelous, I couldn't help but to take a few snapshots of her. I could oogle at this kitty for days, I swear.

So, my drawing has been going a bit well. Can still draw Cream, but I forgot how to draw shoes.
On paper, I can draw Felicia (color 8 Villager) a bit better than this. The drawpad is weird, and I accidentally made her legs longer than acceptable by loli standards. Still, it's good that I'm getting better at drawing another character.
Meanwhile, your friends smile warmly behind...whatever that is. I didn't realize Omori was easy-ish to draw, yet something's off. It's progress I guess.

Wanted to do a quick oneshot of a Genshin loli. Was debating on Klee, Diona, or Sayu. I want to write less this month, but I need to scratch this itch somehow. My drawing's getting better, though, so don't worry.
I want to also include QiQi but Someone won't give them to me after a few hundred pulls. *cough*greedymiyohobastards*cough*

How do you guys feel about Alternate universes?
In addition to the prostitution wives thing I mentioned, I'd like to also just rewrite plot lines of things just slightly so that you, the reader, can fuck your waifu.
No boyfriends that dominate MMORPGS or husbands that can destroy stars to stand in the way of you fucking your best girl.
....Not that it'd even matter in the first place, though. ...Right?

Looking for my copy of a Senran Kagura game. I just need to expand my Mirai love even further

δ»ŠεΉ΄γ‚‚γ‚ˆγ‚γ—γγ­οΌε―…εΉ΄γ¨γ„γˆγ°γƒγƒ£γƒ γƒγƒ£γƒ οΌ

あけましてチャムチャムθΌͺ姦 | タむコウ #pixiv

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