ꕥ B-side! Skid x Neo! Skid ꕥ

These two love each other i swear-

Anyways i ship them!

Adult x Minor mention 

ꕥ I drew Adult Pump because fuck yeah ꕥ

Holy fuck IT’S H I M-

He likes to wear it around his home lol

And yes he did kisses Skid lmao

And yes this an AU

I love him 💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞


ꕥ Uh oh… this ain’t good- ꕥ


Oh shit Skid’s water broke-

How is that baby gonna come out?-

Either way it has to g e t o u t-


ꕥ Pico’s Reaction ꕥ

Skid: I don’t think anyone told you this, but i’m pregnant…

Skid doesn’t know how the people he told are so chill with this situation, but that means he has less stress!


Ayo Pico what you thinking about?-

ꕥ Reactions ꕥ

Skid: So uh… my baby should be on the way soon…

Boyfriend and Girlfriend are just chill over the whole thing lol

Me and my Queens wanted to wish you A Happy Birthday 🎂 M'lady...Gwen decided to..."Squeeze" in as well. ❤️


wanted to try something different so here's ralsei :blobuwu:

ꕥ Please don’t find out ꕥ

Oh yeah it’s definitely a chubby tummy-

ꕥ Oh look the baby is kicking ꕥ

Ayyy Skid is feeling the baby’s kicks!


He seriously needs sleep-


ꕥ Skid acting like a bitch ꕥ

Someone called him f a t earlier and is now in the mood to kick someone’s ass-


Mrs. Boonchuy - "I'm not damaged, just...T-THICC..." ❤️


ꕥ Mood Swings ꕥ

Mood swings aren’t fun that’s for sure!

ꕥ Pregnancy Troubles ꕥ

Pump needs to chill the fuck out lol

As i said, i do the Pregnant Skid doodle


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