Part of a set. The rest won't be done for a while, so i'm going to post this now, and wait until the full thing is ready before posting it to Pixiv.

Apologies if this isn't your cup of tea.

Some Sheila x Shino. The poses are super stiff and boring but I didnt want to abandon this.
The joke about short characters being "perfect height" for blowjobs is so old but if it works it works.
And so are jokes about handlebar horns.

Commission of my own OC, Piper the popstar testing the sex toy modeled after himself. Initially it was made without his permission, and he was outraged at the inaccuracies, so he booked a cruise to Slime Co. Headquarters and demanded they use his body to make a more accurate product.

Well the poll was set for 3 days, but it's clear that one option was trouncing the others, so here it is, Eko gobbling down that morning wood.
Maybe iffolks speak up I can visit the other options on the poll, but for now, I hope ppl like this, I spent some time on this

Two things I hate is the inability to edit posts, and my phone's inability to just let me use words I repeatedly use without auto correct. It even corrects real words sometimes, while randomly not having my back for actual misspellings.

Her name is Eko, not Who.

To give an idea of her colors, here is some old art. I think if I were to redo this, her face would be a bit goofier and less composed. Who doesnt do the whole "elegant" thing.

Drew one of my girls for once, and my fave loli to boot. I dont think I've posted her here before, this is Eko. A previously feral kid who Shino befriended and helped become less feral... still wild though.

She used to be extremely lewd, then I kinda cleaned up my image for a while... it's time to make her lewd again.
Shino plays off her advances as a kid with a crush, not to be taken seriously. But any time he sleeps over, she considers gulping down his morning wood to show she means business

one more DQ boy. I'm a sucker for fin ears ( even if they are a decorative head piece ), I recently started DQ4, I just got distracted by Mario Maker and Doom. I'll get back to them soon.

Also I must be the first person to think of the slimes being used for sexual pleasure. Surely nobody else has done this before

It's a shame we didnt get Shota Erdrick, Smash could always use more shotas. Though though four adult heroes we got are pretty hot too.
Happy Hero Launch, Smash fans. I know competitive players aren't liking him much but I love the hero. Hes a lot of fun.

Seen some folks doing shota-sonas... well here's mine. Just a little version of my regular Sona, but totally different than his Imp form.

A younger Shino. As an Amateur hero, he would be captured by "the bad guys" a lot.

Body posession stuff feat Sheila and Witchy. These two havent popped up on my baraag much yet, but this is definitely a thing that could happen.

For someone who hates how hot and sweaty this summer makes me, I sure have become fond of drawing hot sweaty guys.. talos they have erections.

Shino is having a rough time with a heatwave. Quil and Nuru chose the right time to prep into the window.

I have no idea who this lad is, but he was cute, and also the only request I got, so for anon. Here is Kotaro from Sword of the Stranger.

Tried to make a really compact little young Link doodle. Wanted to add a little something but no good ideas came to me.
Love how a lot of the promo art of young Link back in the day gave him some meaty thighs.

And here is the deal with the devil those boys had to make in order for me to make that sequence of events.


Sketched a years old fantasy I've had of Samus being frightened by Ness's massive dick. ( though my fantasies usually involve actual suckin' too. Sometimes Toon Link joins them... )

Tell you a secret, I dont even think Samus is that hot, I just wanna see cute Ness getting serviced by the no 1 Smash waifu.

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