Ryan chokes down on Cody's cock

Just released to my PIXIV Fanbox .. a new set with Ryan and Cody .. this time it's Ryan's turn to work his jaw and throat muscles and service Cody's cock.


Shota, incest 

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Just uploaded to my Fanbox .. Part 7 of 'Training with the USMC'. A Marine is put through special recon training and part of that requires his big fat manly balls to be wired up to a hand crank electro torture device and suffer LONG hours of pain.

Check it out, and more, at Tier 2 on my Fanbox:


Coming soon to my Fanbox on Tier 2. "A pirates life for me". Nut and gut busting fun with teen boys.


Shota, incest 

A newly established tier on my Fanbox (tier 5) is now open for 'Shota' related works, as well as other younger muscled boys getting all hot, bothered and sometimes in perilous situations. So look out for more of Nico, Luca, Daemon, Alexi and Ryan on this tier.


Seeing as this subject is not for everyone .. and being somewhat taboo in western culture .. this is why I've set this tier to 3,000 yen .. to weed out those that would 'accidentally' stumble into it.

Incest, shota 

Ryan and Leo .. brothers .. but you can definitely tell which one is the top! See more of these two at my Fanbox: sparkieshock.fanbox.cc/

Leo LOVES getting his big balls felt .. having his victims feel the cum sloshing around inside them. See part 1 of this art set at my Fanbox: sparkieshock.fanbox.cc/

Will learn the kid real good .. not to say no when a guest tells them to suck their cock! A few days on the electro shockbed will sort out that attitude!

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Daniel gets his cock sucked by the demon version of himself. And you can see more of this super hot set at my fanbox: sparkieshock.fanbox.cc

He can't help himself .. nothing gets him hard quite like the writhing, screaming, sweating body of a muscled teen being tortured with electricity to his balls.

See more of this story 'Firm hand for a farm hand' at my Fanbox on Tier 2: sparkieshock.fanbox.cc/

#Shota #incest #minors 

And this guy really loves to hear his boy say the words “Please daddy, empty your massive balls into me!” ..cuz if he doesn’t, then the electro torture resumes 😈.

Old work that I’m redoing .. check out pixiv.net/en/users/41216602 for more cumming soon.

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Daniel is told to remove his uniform, and get ready for some intense 'resistance training'. His balls are gonna be subjected to electroshock's in order to toughen him up .. though he won't feel very tough during all this, that's for sure.

See Part 5 of my 'Sparkie Shock - Issue 4' comic at my Fanbox page:


Getting someone to talk is easy .. it's just a question of voltage .. and time! And you can cum see a whole lot more pair, torture and suffering (in the sexy kinky way) over at my PIXIV gallery: pixiv.net/en/users/41216602

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Ryan’s such a lucky boy having a muscled hunk of an older brother .. how lines to sadistically try to drown his younger brother with his massive cumload. Ryan definitely doesn’t mind that part. See more of my work (and these two cumming soon) at my fanbox page: sparkieshock.fanbox.cc

Check out my pixiv.net/en/users/41216602 gallery for more examples of my work.

Shota, incest 

It’s that time again, my balls are full and swollen, and it’s time for you to get filled up with cum. See more of this set, coming soon to my fanbox: sparkieshock.fanbox.cc

Hey there, I’m Sparkie Shock.I’m all about boys, balls, and sadistic torture and death scenes. So I’m new here .. a d posting some stuff.

Come check out my gallery at: pixiv.net/en/users/41216602

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