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I Guess I should make a proper post about Commission info.
here's the info
Feel free to ask for any questions to me or @violet (my manager) preferably the details could be talked over on discord cause its the most comfortable place to send the updates.

I seen a lot of Lisa art lately. wanted to give it a try myself.
The bunny outfit is the same as how 0r0chi drew her with.

One last part with these two, I do like seeing the little guy in charge heh.

Made together with Soulcentinel

Second part of some stuff with Luz.
I do like to imagine Demons taste somewhat... unique.

Made together with Soulcentinel

A new project that myself and Violet will be working on over time. but we need some help in funding it. For every 100 euro we will do another page.
more info in InkBunny:

So, we are starting on a much bigger project thanks to the funding and base ideas of a very nice commissioner. The problem is that it's too costly so we are crowd funding it! For every 100 raised we will do another page.

Art by Soulcentinel.
Feel free to use that link to send any money, just put a "IsaB" in the comment section.

Forth part of the Isabella stuff, this one featuring her teasing a guy in public. Don't worry, her scouts are keeping watch.

Made together with Soulcentinel

Someone commissioned us to do some Violet and thier girl, which was very fun. Not often I get to unwind and go so hard on a cutie.

Drawn by Soulcentinel

Hoodie form Violet x Jessy getting a little naughty on a train. Some quick but fun ideas.

Art by Soulcentinel

Jessy x Violet primary school lovers. A lovely sketch set I have been forgetting to upload for a while.

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