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Shes got the lips to bring out the big loads

Art by, cleanup and color by me

Bonus touched up versions of the pics leading to this on my pillowfort

Something getting into leviathan on the full moon maybe? Not gonna argue when the result is seeing that fine purple Squiggly behind

Art and flat color by , shading by me.

Never know what your villagers are gonna be up to when you barge in their homes. At least Renée doesn't seem to mind

Art by , color by me.

Rammy always strikes me as the type that could use an anal attitude adjustment. Like the last Lammy, maybe a bit big for her, but she'll be loving it in a minute.

Sketch by @NiNoLo , lines by , color by me.

Last Month Patreon Pic.
Sami-Request from a supporter, played around with some 3D-models, etc

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