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- payment upfront after a rough sketch is approved (through PayPal only!)

- make all changes during sketch phase, once approved there'll be no further revisions

- do not post the full res to your socials, only the watermark version. i also reserve the right to post watermark version to my baraag

- if you wish, PM me on discord for easier communication
[ Solstice#0891 ]

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OC i've had for a while now but never posted this ref here, say hi to timmy

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oh and since i forgot to post this last night, my oc Kyle!! (yes i FINALLY did it)

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most of you may know my OC, timmy, but did you know there's more where he came from!!

here he is, with all of his lil brothers 💕

more OC stuff... this time it's hung!kyle and timmy trying out something new :blobamused:

8 year-old brother who fucks my boyfriend while I watch because his dick is bigger than mine and I like seeing them both happy.

Islands are not the only thing Robinson can divide >;3

Almost done with the Musashi Gangbang set! and now he gets to ride Robinson's dick while the drifter boy relaxes and lets him do all the work~

i saw the feet hastag and this animation has feet am i doing this right


An actual character I'm drawing more than once!
His name is Luis De la Rosa, HS senior, and he babysits the cute boys.


I dont think the first thing I did of him got posted here so here's that too.

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whenever i lose a follower i wonder if i did something wrong
like what is it... what's the beef... let's talk

Seems like someone played Genshin too much.
I can't blame him. Chongyun is too cute anyway.

commission for TakeruKun
Thank you so much!


the triplets decided to have a little competition, but the results seem to be causing some controversy!

it's okay, they're all pretty big boys :blob0w0:

thank you all for 2k!! ??¿¿!!! 🤧🤧💕💕

I'll do something to properly celebrate at a later date since I'm still doing commissions, but stay tuned!! and once more, thank you ✨💛

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce the release of my first doujin, “Take a Break Already!” It features my two main OCs, Nate and Tristan, getting a little naughty with their study session ;)

This was a labor of love from start to finish, so, while it was WAY more work than I ever thought possible, I’m releasing it 100% free of charge! Follow the hiccears link below to check it out. Thanks as always for your constant support! <3 <3 <3

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