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For whatever today, I can't stop thinking about loli feet. Like not even necessarily in a sexual way (but also that too), they are just so h*cking cute. I just want to play with them, tickle them, lick them, suck on their cute little toes.
This is becoming an issue as I'm out at dinner with my family atm, and still, my thoughts are full of nothing but cute loli feet.

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The best lolis are the ones smol enough to suck your dick while you're both standing.


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How to train your loli advanced part 1
she thinks she can do it, but I think we should have started with the beginning

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表紙イラスト完成!入稿まであと少し~🚸 🔞 ♂




Vanellope, been in a mood to improve on my color theory, so here's my first practice piece.

Full res here:

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