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Upgraded Fanbox Reward Variant: The Scarlet Fretter

Never uploaded the Emperor's Seal of Approval version.
For Patreonuser!


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Go ahead, try convince me that those two are not in love. I can't hear you because I am listening to the most unambigious love song I've heard in a long time.

Here are some notes I've made about drawing "babyfat" on shotas. I found an egg shape to be just the right amount of weight for a shota/loli character to demonstrate healthy weight distribution. If you find this useful let me know!

September Fanbox Reward: Unsanitary Battle

Ongoing multi-month Fanbox reward of an adopted sketch for Anon.


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Day 26 

This could be a fun little comic, The Marra going around and peaking in on peoples fantasies. Not staying, just taking a peak.

Feel free to comment with a character + idea and I might do your request tomorrow.
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Advanced babysitting techniques.

Birthday pic for Posted4You.

Jee cummies, too! Quick style practice.

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