done at last. flat chest version. try and find the hidden text. if u find it, write it down but dont point out the location.

if this is boosted 60 times, will upload the rest. there is the small boob ver & flat is justice ver. both in DP, TP & cum. otherwise they will 5ever stay in my harddrive.

my commission info

another attempt at bubbles. try and find the hidden text. this time i made sure it is hard to find, i think.

will upload no panties version if it get boosted 50 times.

my commission info

anyone know who this is? :blobcatartist:

if this one gets 70 boosts i will draw the no tight version. in the mean time, enjoy the boobies.

my commission info

If you like the artworks and the artists on baraag, please also consider supporting the platform itself, to help cover the hosting costs. :blobheart:

According to the January update, current support amounts to $205 out of $250 needed:

You can find the support status and the donation links at the bottom of the page. who i drew?

and also, find & write down the hidden text & the location where you found it and i will remove the nipple tapes :blob0w0:

if this get more than 50 retoots then i will remove the skirt 🤪

my commission info



Hey, so I lost my job today,
And with it being so close to Christmas I already spent a huge cut of my money on presents. Truly the timing couldn’t have been worse. Even though I’m trying to see this with a silver lining. I.E. working on my art in a more professional matter. I will still need to be able to pay my rent for January. I’m sorry to have to ask, but anything would help, even a small sketch or just a little kofi donation.

Anyone else having pics downoading very slowly?

Hey, guys! Do you like Gwen?

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