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Hello to the person who’s reading this...

If you’re mad at me for what I did..

I’m truly sorry and hope we can still be friends

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I feel like I did something really really really stupid without meaning to ;(

I wonder who in the 2020 landscape of Baraag still loves or at least enjoys the company of MLP fillies and colts (mainly feral but anthro/humanized are alright).

And yes I also am referring to the student six and Spike/Smolder

Wow have I not been here in a long while

Shame too cause of the exclusive art Baraag is known for

It wouldn’t help if you created OCs though, but that’s on Baraag to solve for discovery purposes. Maybe let users setup a certain number of tags at a time?

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It would be really cool to see Baraag add character and series tags if they wanna improve as a social network. Artists see this network and immediately think about Twitter’s own problems with archiving

Finally! The Cozy daki is done! If you'd like one, or any other daki's I've made, you can order them here!:

What is it I find sexually attractive? Lolis... anime girl nude fanservice... furries... or ponies (and yes fillies and colts count!)

My answer changes over the day but there are certain characters I keep fapping to regardless of who they are.

I will say though that anime girl naked fanservice was my core material last decade and didn’t consider myself a depraved being until I’ve been exposed to various fetishes thanks to the NSFW sub community of MLP (a balance of clopfics and naughty art)

There’s been a debate whether My Little Pony’s student six (Gallus, Yona, Silverstream, Ocellus, Sandbar, Smolder), are considered minors or not. Some artists argue that they aren’t because of the setting where they reside and yet they are referred to as young characters by their adults who sent them to the school of friendship.

On top of their similar ages (Sandbar look like a teenager colt) that’s why I believe that they are considered minors instead of adults.

The next episode of MLP will have a filly and I already know there will be lewding of her

Rule 34 Discussion; Charts and Graphs 

I became curious about statistics. A long time ago there was a user named Bronystories on Fimfiction who took valuable time to compile data (unfortunately he vanished from the internet before he got around to Summer 2016 statistics). He compared how fared against popular series (, ). He also tracked NSFW gains based on seasons and compared main characters to each other

Please keep in mind that this data is as of March 2016

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