Oh well I'm done with school duties for a while, so I'm going to open commissions, five slots for now.
I will reply to twitter and discord and twitter DM's first

Boosting is appreciated.


Hello ya'll I wanna try something and see how it goes

So starting today if you want a guaranteed request sketch from me I'll have my kofi open, all ya gotta do if head over there, throw me a couple coffees and add what you want drawn.

The more coffees you give the more detail I'll go into with the sketch, simple as.

If this works I can have fun with some drawings and get a bit of extra cash.
If you want to help out, but dont have money then consider boosting this.


Commissions open!
Only four (4) slots available.

Details here: tinyurl.com/OcaWorld

This time around, we will only be taking commissions for combos 1 and 2.

There goes Frenk mixing business with pleasure again. At such a competitive price, too!

Patreon reward for our buddy Vistu @SkyOverJuly:
a sketch of his original character, Callie Yuugah

Now that I feel better (gosh, It feels so nice) I present to you this old fanart from my old Tumblr account. Maybe here it will be more appreciated.

ps: she's so beautiful, I wanna smooch her.

We have opened a Patreon for everyone who wishes to support our project. We will be posting updates on art and other projects as they come.


New commission for this week: @satori requested a new banner for Baraag (his Mastodon implementation) featuring his character Linnea

Latest commission work for Anonymous: Rose Lalonde getting fucked by her (futanari) mother Roxy Lalonde
This is the first time I've drawn anything from Homestuck, so I hope you like it.

Our latest commission for Anonymous: PokΓ©mon Trainer Brendan and a Team Magma Grunt from the web manga
"Dating a Team Magma Grunt."

Our latest commission: We Bare Bears' Ranger Tabes gets hoodwinked by a pair of tricky deer

Our latest commission: Swat Kats' Callie having a malfunction with her brassiere. As requested by Lurker

More sketches #2
@badplace's OC (Habokku)
@cerebropodrido's OC (Catarina & Glasses MILF)
@SkyOverJuly's OC (Rhoanda & Delilah)

Our latest commission for Anonymous: Vivian getting reamed by a bad dragon in VR

Another timely commission: @SilverFox442's PokΓ©mon trainer character Kasia getting friendly with her Lucario over a very large Substitute plush

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