the people have spoken!

Please reply to this post for your bid to be counted in!

Biddings for characters #1 and #2 are held and counted separately and will be held for 48 hours after the first bid has been placed, unless someone will decide to buyout both characters, in which case they will win both bids automatically. :blobcat:

Repost cuz uhhh shit how do I use baraag 

First.. actual post on here. Can't draw, can't model, can't do much of anything, but what I can do is use Second Life to make weird shit. So I made Hat Kid, and immediately took a screenshot of her pissing.

Time for a good ol 2 am upload.

New Dark Dogma Universe char, Penelope, she is mean and...
*reads notes*

My keyholder-sona(?

I made a trainersona.
Daria is a sickish Aroma Lady, even tho grass types are her favorite she gravitates towards meanish looking poison types, like her very possessive Muk, Ego.

Final picture of this week's series:
Mona Lisa Overdrive is Nozomi Fujino's short range, action-oriented Stand.

Full resolution available for patrons only.

Continuing with the week's topic, a Patreon reward for @SkyOverJuly, featuring his character Nozomi Fujino in full sukeban attire.

Full resolution available for patrons only.

A special series for this week: @SkyOverJuly's original JJBA's character, Nozomi Fujino, with her Stand, Mona Lisa Overdrive. More of them tomorrow and Thursday.

Full resolution available for patrons only.

🌺🌺 New year New Marathon!! 🌺🌺

15 pages and full color gallery!

All the B/W pictures will be public on Pixiv and Twitter soon but the final product will be (for free, but accepting tips) on Gumroad for download.

Weeelllll, I just got some bad news today. To make a long story short I got laid off early last month and I need money for food, bills and medicine while I look for a new job..

So if any help would be appreciated, I do commissions info on the pic or you can contract me at [email protected] for questions or more information

I also have a ko-fi is you want to just be generous that would also be dope

Patreon reward for Vistu (@SkyOverJuly):
A simple illustration featuring his original character Emily, pleasuring herself while thinking of someone special...

Full resolution available for patrons only

Oh well I'm done with school duties for a while, so I'm going to open commissions, five slots for now.
I will reply to twitter and discord and twitter DM's first

Boosting is appreciated.

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