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I don't do commissions or request, maybe one day in the future. But today I've dealing with a very bad depression and suicidal thoughts for some months.

If I post something is because that day I feel good enough to draw or sketch, I'm pinning this so anybody who comes here will know the answer.

Also I barely can reply as same issue keeps me from interacting most the time.

I discovered social medias aren't for me anymore (even this place)

It hurts when a famous artists tells me that he likes my draws, follows me .. then unfollows after a few weeks.

I'm not famous anymore, and those words with actions really hurt.

So I'm deciding not to post here anymore, was nice anyway and this place is awesome.

But is not good for my mental health, lots of you will say that's overreacting or a silly thing to get sad about, but that's it.

Take care m, I'll stay watching

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Been a little silent but here have a couple of more things.

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We should create a new religion that idolize shota proportions as divine ✨✨✨

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Aaaaaand I found it, the second attempt I did years ago to make my own Oob style draws :3.

Trigger Tone ready for work ;)

I tried again, with a difference of like 4 years (or more)... Wonder if I nailed this time.

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PWYW sketches from the artist of this. Draws pretty much anything, furry shota/loli whatever 8D

Mmm... I've realized that I have enough draws to post one daily for the next 5 years non stop lol.

And I'm not counting sketches that are stored in same files. c.c....

Getting a comish from famous artists sometimes is harder than finding a GPU at retail price in modern days c.c..

I've hunting Oob for a comish for years, to the point I just give up and made my own Oob style sylveon X3... Enjoy.

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I'm gonna be clear on this......

0402 electronic components are so damn stressful to hand mount c.c.... and I've doing it all week, wanna scream. Can't wait to do something else.

I always have wondered why tomato juice is so damn tasty but only during plane trips o.o

Daily facts:

@kinkykong draw gay boyos... Go take a peek ;)

@Gat funny... My friends asked me who "Canadian cat" is, cause they keep seeing you all around internet without knowing is you xD

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