Fanart of a recent pic done by @murai_renji (at least I hope that's his Baraag)

She was asking what to wear in her tictoks, I'm sure many of you have some suggestions for her.

Can you win the No Nut November game?

Or would you rather play the game where you have to use tongue to get her panties off before she says "Red Light"?

Trying my hand and Koikatsu for some anime style babes. But I just HAD to fucking try and update the game while I was working on a scene and fucked up the material editor mod and broke her outfit, so this is all I have for now. I should have known, god damn it.

Well, hope you like her.

Small and horny, at the pool. Nothing more than a bit of fabric covering all her naughty parts!

@ungatox3 made the girl! Love her!

Summer is almost over, but my desire for sexy lolis will never go away.

Got 20,000 followers on Pixiv and just cracked 3,000 on here! Thanks everyone for being such big pervs!

Oh don't mind me, just fantasizing about being in a hot tub with a girl like this.

Remade an old pic of mine, wish I could remake the rest, but sadly cant concentrate on it long enough.

I know it *looks* like I am jumping on the bandwagon, but been meaning to do this fanart for a while. @LilAndy is a great artist and deserves all the praise in the world. This fanart only captures a fraction of his lewdness.

Based on a work by @madogaku

He draws girls so well and so lewd! I only wish to be as good as him someday!


Phones have gotten too big, ditch your old model and upgrade to a smaller, younger slimmer device!
Still able to do everything you need, and more!

Non-Nude Beach

Swimsuits are REQUIRED (But, they don't have to cover much of anything)

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