Image from page 510 of "Autobiography and personal reminiscences of Major-General Benj. F. Butler; Butler's book" (1892)

Collab with my buddy, @Polyle
Yup, Skylar fucks dogs.



Black x Pink Ovi Preg aftermath. The continuation no one asked for.

Both my NSFW Twitter and Baraag are approaching 1000 followers 👀

It feels weird because my Pixiv is at 3.8K already but like these two accounts feel like so much more effort and attention were put into them so idk how to feel

Also I can't mention any of this on the Twitter because that Lumity pick already got the pedo hunters onto me so

Either way I had a cute idea for milestone art but then I realized "thousand" is in my name so I might do something else too idk we'll see

Image from page 634 of "The insect book [microform] : a popular account of the bees, wasps, ants, grasshoppers, flies and other North American insects exclusive of the butterflies, moths and beetles, with full life histories, tables and bibliographies" (1

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