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Hey ya'll, new and old, Here to announce the FANBOX pieces in rotation as well that the next set of pics are on there way out pretty soon!!

I hope these glimpses gives you guys some interest in checking out the FANBOX if not to subscribe than to follow!

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Hey everyone! I have a new commission sheet up and ready! so if you're interested in working with me now is the opportunity to do so!

be sure to contact through the respective Direct messaging system. ( or discord if you want.)

( Rate changes won't apply to currently in progress commissions.)

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Hey, Mini-announcement but if you have a wickr or fuck with wickr. Don't interact with me, like at all.

the whole fuckin' internet knows what you're using it for and people that use it make it pretty obvious what they're using it for. get help.

Nina doodles~🧑
Severely underrated and underrepresented gal in lewds considering how cute she is.

Released FANBOX CONTENT, consider offering your support (

I promised I would draw all the lolis from Dream Daddy, my first Attempt is daisy. She's big and cute, a pretty good combination.

I'll try to take another stab at it in the future but had fun trying the concept. Hope you guys enjoy!

Released FANBOX CONTENT, consider offering your support (

I've definitely been meaning to draw reggie again for a long time, and judy deserves some love too. So why not combine the two for a special post. Kind of during an /LL/ binge. Hope you guys enjoy

Released FANBOX CONTENT, consider offering your support (

A goofy concept for a weeb princess and figured it should have a fun alt color too. Guess no matter where she goes she's gunna have someone to pay off~

Hopefully you guys enjoy!

With the quarantine going on and her latte shop closed in the meantime; Araceli has found a lot more time for herself~

Released FANBOX CONTENT, consider offering your support (

Tiny Octavia is adorable and I'm glad I took the time to make something for her, Now I just gotta draw the big Octavia to sate my desire for lanky goodness

Hope you guys enjoy!

Recent Commission of Princess Remedy doin' some sexual healing.

I feel bad for only knowing her from slapcity but how you find a cutie doesn't matter, only if you draw them!

Released FANBOX CONTENT, consider offering your support (

A Drawthread request that was too hot for /co/. Now made public for your enjoyment! I always enjoy the chances I get to draw hilda...Maybe one day in a sfw manner.

Recent commission for @lcklust of our Shared waifu Mandy Koriand'r hanging out with her mom during the convention circuit. Maybe her mom doesn't go for the purest of reasons.

I should really draw more big girls, They have so many fun details to draw~

Two imps having a fun sleep over. Part of my server trade with @Sin_Buttons

Something done inbetween commissions of my aliens girls Hoku (green) and Cassio (blue). I've been trying to take some time to work on my OCs or draw them more hopefully you guys enjoy them!

Also featuring a special guest appearence by the popular cosmino, Nuclearmime's OC,

Released FANBOX CONTENT, consider offering your support (

Final piece in the last FANBOX set and with more spelunky. Maybe I'll get around to doing more with those character designs

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