A commission of midnomad's OC nate with his waifu Ess.

Not many know of this secret Tetris Technique for pro players

Did some beach coots for a discord art jam thingy. Crash themed because we could all use some fat juicy wumpas during a hot summer!

Whether or not if you support me directly or simple wait til the content is released just know that I thank you. I know I'm not making the purest content out there or changing the world but I enjoy making it for all of you and it's reading your comments about it and I hope to make and read more.

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If you guys weren't aware I've recently opened up a FANBOX!

I opened this as a means of getting more consistent art produced while also allowing me to focus on my own projects. there are already 3 completed works available right now under the introductory tier with more art and perks to follow as the FANBOX grows.

A follow up commission to my last DW and Jane pic.

Guess a mother has to show some sort of dominance in her parenting.

So nice of someone to commission some sibling love between Mabel and Dipper

Can't get caught doing incest if you're away for the summer.

Another commission, Featuring little misfortune.

If she can take a bunch of misery I'm sure she's dying to dish it out on someone.

A lupa as part of a contest

I enjoy drawing darker toned things so hopefully you guys enjoy it too. Maybe I should draw more spooky things in general.

Another Commission, this time featuring everyone's favorite bun Cream.

I actually finished it awhile ago but totally forgot to upload it here. I'm forgetful but that doesn't mean I don't love you all :blobkissheart:

Another commission bites the dust. Hopefully you guys like some mother daughter bonding.

possibly more bonding to come. :blobpeek:

Happie came to Earth because it's illegal to be a clown where she's from.
She does birthday parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties, bar mitzvahs, office parties, funerals, anything and everything. You don't even have to hire her, she may just show up. You cannot stop her.

A commission of Effi, in a pit of a jam

I keep forgetting to upload stuff here.

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