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New Rudy drawing uwuuuu
For SubscribeStar, an overdue reward :3

I finally drew humanized Bowser Jr. But this time I kept him a boy because I'm planning on doing some harem shit with him and my fem koopalings. :blobeyes:

Whose yellow pickle is Bart giving the ol' tongue tickle? Are he and Homer finally bonding? Is he making a trade with Comic Book Gay? Did Homer sell Bart to Cletus or Smithers? Is it one of the school bullies? Is this just one of Milhouse's fantasies?

So I got a request from AntwØn to draw my based horny oc.

very proud of them.

i think they need to come to baraag though.

With the way Steve messily n quickly scarfs down food imagine what it's like receiving oral from them they are sloppy and really dig into you exploring every fold n crevice. Extremely apt given that .,. That's what they do they explore caves lmao

I decided to do a raffle to celebrate the milestone!

-Follow me
-Leave a like
-Leave a comment of which character or OC you want me to draw!
Deadline: Dec-07-2021

A lovely commissioned gift for @Hokuten , For an important, dear friend

Posting delayed as for the commissioner's request

The last sketch of Xyt getting lucky for the month. Bit has a futa upgrade that she sometimes uses.

Bit belongs to @illyasonii

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