Fanbox Update: finally able to work around on Fanbox's censorship stuff, so if you want to see uncensored nsfw sketches early (like Shippo), you finally can. now that im doing that, i'll add another tier or two soon to post early access WIPs/full sized drawings when i start doing bigger fanart stuff and ychs heres a glimpse at a recent Fanbox post of mine of Shippo. just to show what kind of things i am posting over there if anyone is interested. i'll be focusing on posting early fanart images and other works in progress

some sketches
i especially like the one of claus waking up in da lab

commission for @loganco58374365 on twitter

enjoy kota being mpreged by nergal .jr :blobpopcorn:

HEY! have some Shippo. got a big dick nude version on my Fanbox, that i'll be posting here in another week or two, but for now enjoy this one

shota, big pp 

another older piece I didn't share here. Kinda happy with how it turned out. May revisit this OC. Smug boy knows he's bigger than you.

Heading back from the beach
I hope their bus driver is keeping his eyes on the road. I know I'd struggle...

I don't usually see leak, but when I see, I've got a crush.

PS. I want to draw him properly but his costume is too difficult so I quit halfway. Re-Opening my Fanbox after a long time. currently have 1 tier plan, for general support/donation and will be posting sketches to that one. more plans, with better perks to arrive in the coming days. i'll be deciding how to distribute the uncensored versions on there for supporters

Donations are open! Commissions will also happen on Ko-Fi but they will be on and off.

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