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My commissions are open! I do work, and if you are interested, you can check out the prices i have on the link below, I will also allow DMs from here if interested.

My two favourite Pokeboys! Elio and Florian~!
I still dunno if his final name is gonna be 'Florian' at all, but it's cute and I'll just post it as is~

Sometimes, you're just gonna get curious about the taste hahaha~
This is a parody/redraw of a meme

I was bored so I did a parody of a meme~
Not really NSFW but will make it sensitive anyways just in case

And the last Sylveon gijinka for now. This is him using Pokemon moves haha. His name is Nymphy-kun btw~

The New Pokeboy and Elio! I couldn't decide on which to draw between these two so I went with both~

I forgot to clarify. I was talking about the outfits, my bad 😅

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If you like my draws like this , I have emergency commissions open for a desperate situation I'm in so if ur interested dm me on twitter

I can't believe I forgot to post it here. It's the uncensored version of and art I made some time ago haha. Just some art

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