L0li OC, and SFW, but in case warn ya) 

She's drawn on summer, so her design is still in progress, but I already like it 😻

Celvis is daughter of Guildias and Olivia, my and she's kind and playful girl 😺

An post about my preferences in media πŸ’™ 

I've sick of seeing bunch of classic l0lish0 arts, when I am crave for focusing on my own niche preferences (Sensual or romantic incest between father and daughter, yandere tendencies on man, non-con, lima syndrome, fear play, maledom/l0lisub, BDSM, guro/ryona, even vore or male pregnancy in there ❀) so much, and kinda pitiful, it's seems only I do have this, right?

An post about my shipping dynamic ❀ 

My comfortable shipping is currently combined with age gap, father/daughter incest and father's yandere tendencies or overprotection, depending to mood πŸ’›πŸ’š

Wholesome or twisted, it's doesn't matter, as long as it involved my comfort characters ❀

These shipping dynamics must be loved, because I am probably one who enjoys it ❀

An cute father/daughter teasing ❀ Not my art! 

I am got an trade from Miyo, they made a good job with them ❀

I am them so much πŸ’™πŸ’š

As he touched her soft cheek, she blushes and turns back. He loves her unsettled expression ❀

He glares at her flustered face for while, and he knows about her weakness: So she can't resist him anymore, because he is in love with her so much, she will be only with him, forever πŸ’™πŸ’š

Always express yourself in your art! Draw what you love, don't limit or censor yourself, the most creative drawings come from within and your individualism. Don't forget who you are. :blobcatartist:

L0lish0 attire fantasy post❀ 

I just love it ❀

Cute l0li and sh0ta in frilly dresses, nightgowns and pajamas are bestest thing I've seen in my eyes and mind πŸ‘—πŸ‘•πŸ‘–πŸ‘š

But something missing? Aww, yes! Looking at their crying faces when man will do some things with them ❀


was kidnapped by .

He awake to be tied on chair and glared at him, his gold eyes are been craving for his fragile, angelic figure, he's too terrified.

He's smothered by his sweet words, gentle embraces, soft touches and then, rough thrusting, which he doesn't wanted at all, but he can't resist against him.

Now, he's adorable doll, belonged only to him. He will love him forever πŸ’œ

πŸ”ž Chatting about yandere or psycho having their darling l0li/sh0ta 

Hi, finding some pals to discuss about my main fetish: with or 😻 I love when man is possessive/obsessive to his darling and do yandere things πŸ’œ

Into M/F and M/M, oral vore, age gap, incest, unwillingness, size diff, abuse, torture, rape, molestation and twisted relationship 😈

All of them are only fictional!

Yandere father/very unwilling daughter, non-con, possessiveness and twisted relationship πŸ’œ 

I adore this so much ❀

Celvis is imprisoned by her father Guildias, he continues to say "I πŸ’œ you!" countless times as he began to embrace and passionately kiss his darling ❀

Then he rips off her clothes and molests her with his palms and tongue, and now her to impregnate her and having their children πŸ’•

An drawing about Guildias training his dollπŸ’“ 

Yes. I ship them so much, and πŸ’— This is really something I wanted to draw for while, despite it's mistakes in it! :blobcat:

Just Guildias with his mom-gutπŸ™ƒ 

This is teen Guildias got a cute pot belly! One of my newest works, he's got it from digesting his mother, well.

🌸My fantasy about Guildias being lovestruck to his lovely daughter Celvis, who is very unwilling❀ 

I love when Guildias is obsessive-possessive to his precious daughter and doll Celvis, he embraced her so tightly, kissed her so passionately, and then began to molest her and rape to make children from her, to be only his doll and making his own family ❀

He just loves her too muchπŸ’œ

Just my nude, demi-rabbit loli to play withπŸ‡ 

My OC Tulip Pupurune, she's rabbit loli who is nothing than slave, doll and prey to all handsome, but sick man with thick cock🌭

Post-CV with urine and semen/condom disposal, and maybe hyper-cock as well🌼 

Just Guildias splashing out his 2 prey's remains in condom, this is redraw I did many time ago.

Hanging torture and implied necrophilia of poor shotaπŸ•Έ 

Poor Gaise from Enzai is hanged and raped by Durer/Guildias duet.

One of my old arts and most favorite.

An random fantasy about M/f fatal vore🌸 

I am into Guildias being an possessive pred who's rapes or tortures his first until she's semi-conscious and still crying, then he devours her as she's sliding into his tight throat and gurgling stomach.

He will digest her slowly and painfully, so he can hear her sobbing while he pleasures himself, she will be nothing than his fat.

In aftermath he pooping out her remains in box to treasure her forever as he rubs his fat belly.

An very cute safe vore with lawyer predator! 

Another favorite character from Enzai, Lusca is devoured and protected his preyπŸ€—πŸ˜‡

An cute pre-vore with harpy boy predator and unwilling prey! 

An harpy OC of my favorite vore artist slurping doll-sized prey~ It's luckiest pre-vore I've did 😍

An very possessive fatal oral chibi vore with unwilling prey! 

My favorite shipping: GuilMyu (Guildias/Myuca) from is in chibi vore situationπŸ™ƒ He's possessive and doesn't want her to leave him at all, it's so hot😰😧

Oral mass vore with bunch of woman prey! 

Here's my favorite character from Enzai eaten an whole female lavatory!

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