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This is Xion Fenix, an OC of mine - or rather "THE OC". He's been in my head for 15+ years and saying that he bears a good amount of sentimental value is an understatement. Finally having a defined appearance had me very emotional for a couple days haha.
Inherently male but has a female form he turns into under one circumstance or another. His story is on my IB though be warned - he's a bit mary sue-ish heh.

Art by Shouk at InkBunny

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Hmm. Am new here. Guess I could / should make some manner of introductory post. I'm mostly a lurker but I may or may not upload some MUGEN related stuff as well as the things I have commissioned every once in a while. That being said, my activity is always a bit on the low side...
So yeah uuh. I'm a pervert. I like Loli, rapey stuff, a bit of the darker things... but generally no guro or strong violence.
Either way - Nice to meet you all and stuff o/

...looks to me like we're getting some sort of bot problem here if I'm seeing this right.

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Oh god everything just got wider. How do I make it go back D:

So, which of my OCs do you folks like the most I wonder? Here's a link to the height chart:
Depending on the outcome I might need to do a second poll ;P

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Height chart of my OCs and my dearest Shana!~ Now with Raine!

Artists from left to right: MinhPu (both Shions), Sydery, Shouk (both versions of Xion), tahou

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Welp, fuck twitter with the broad end of a rake I suppose :') Not that it wasn't blatantly obvious that with all the SJW crycry this would happen sooner or later, but still ...

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The first of a series of Pokemon themed commissions to come! I tried to come up with Pokemon that would somewhat fit Shana and my OCs.

First Entry: Shana with Houndoom!

Wonderfully drawn by the amazing @Strawberry !! Thank you so much β™₯

Xion Fenix, once more stuck in the female form, plagued by the summer's sweltering heat threw off her blanket in the middle of the night, unable to bear it. Little did she know that, in the dim light of morning, she'd be visited by an intruder making use of her sleeping and exhausted body.

Wonderful piece of art by @jiffic ! β™₯

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