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I wanted to do the image idea from yesterday again. Just with a bit more effort :blobcatcoffee:

The drawing idea vote winner was:

Rika is being dragged around by Guilmon, as his cock is knotted or simple is so large that it's stuck inside her, with Rika's pussy starting to prolapse from being dragged by him.

So it seems she will have a rough time soon :blobcatcoffee:

Vote for the filthy Digimon illustration ideas from:

>Chose my 5 favorites. Trying to spread it out among those who spend time writing something.

----Voting Link----

— Berserk News —
The new Berserk chapters are out! There are still some issues with page layout, conveying the content and too fast pacing but for a first chapter it is well done!

The art gets a solid 8/10 compared to the old art. Overall a worthy effort :blobcatcoffee:

--- Your idea needed ---

Write your filthiest Digigirl fanasy here! (No rape) The "worst" one gets drawn :blobowoevil:

[Vote for ideas by faving them]

Berserk returns, Hajime no Ippo smackdown, Made in Abyss season 2. The next 4 weeks will be amazing!! :blobaww:

Felt like doing something out my comfort zone, my dub @Senka had an awesome fire character he designed, tried my best to apply his fiery skin, dang it! drawing fire is hard T u T

Do you know a "how to draw loli pussies" art tutorial?

There is no monetization to keep the lights on for this server. No paid sponsors or ad revenue, no board of directors or shareholders to answer to. No selling of private data.

As such, I don’t know for how long I can bear the brunt for the necessary upgrades needed on the horizon to keep registrations open. If you can spare anything, it’d mean so much to me. Otherwise I may have no choice but to switch us to invite only.

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What do you want to see most right now? :blobcatmelt:

I wanted to do the image idea from yesterday again. Just with a bit more effort :blobcatcoffee:

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