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Maybe even some revenge noncon. I don't care. No matter what it's hot.
It wouldn't even make much of a difference since Espresso clearly enjoys the feeling of chasing or being chased after.

I'm just fucking thirsty for some gross toxic Madeleine x Espresso so badly, shame I'll never get it. Specially since it's so... Common for the antis and shit. Bweugh.

Might draw some, might not. Either way I needed to talk bout it cus it's not like I can post this to twitter LUL

✨gimmie creeps💕

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I just not interested in the fluffy shit of Madeleine x Espresso. I honestly hate it so much ahaha, but seeing these two having some kind of toxic relationship is just...

Fuck, I just want to see more of it!
But sadly everyone has Espresso as some weak little UwU boy who can't express his feelings to his widdle Maddiewaddie.


I just want him to noncon the fucking idiot for having any feelings towards him~

Creepy Espresso is best Espresso and that's final! :hok:

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[ramblings|includes noncon] 

Basically, I just want Madeleine to end up feeling so uncomfortable in this situation and for Espresso to take full advantage of it.

Besides, with the fact that CR Tiktok shows this fucking mage to be a horny person, the event made him seem creepy, etc... Cmon, I know he would put noncon on the table. I don't care, he has a fetish for it~

So what's better than riding your idiot friend while trying to make him feel like absolute shit? Just getting full bliss~


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And with this mage grinding up against him, calling him out on all this shit, it's just to once again tease him on how close he is to having him~

Of course, this is just making Madeleine just feeling like shit, not really wanting to continue on with the chase if he's just being seen as a joke but--

The mage is just far too excited! The whole kissing, trying to edge him on, etc etc.

I don't know, I just keep thinking about this shit over and over again.


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Oh acknowledging how jealous he is, seeing Espresso being interested in other men and women... How all this time Espresso could've easily went to him, nope. Just nothing was making him want to be anywhere near this idiot.

All those times Madeleine would just be calling him names, acting like being homosexual is an issue, just things to tease him, now here it is reversed.
It's just something that makes Espresso so excited just seeing how upset this man is on not getting him~


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It's just something so interesting to me of how Madeleine, the idiot who would push so much on trying to show off his interest to him, now that Espresso is just forcing him into a corner to embarrass that knight for all the stupid shit he ever done is just... Special.

Oh and no, there isn't any real fluff to this. He's only pushing himself onto the blondie because of the fact Espresso is currently interested in someone else. Therefore with him acknowledging all of this...


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Man, I keep thinking about how adorable Madeleine is just acting like he's in denial of like Espresso while that stupid creepy teacher is just forcing himself against him while just bring up all the times this Knight would be so expressive towards him.

The stupid flirting, the constant fights they would have only because he wants Espresso to put his hands onto him, putting words into his mouth to make it look like Espresso is interested in him. Just... Really annoying things.



Forgot to toss this picture of Alchemist on here too, whoopsie

Always in embarrassing poses for her stupid brother. 💕(´ε` )

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OC commission for @Gross_piggy[Twitter] :D!! Red Velvet (her OC) x Dark Choco Cookie

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i cant believe the amount of friends that thought licorice was a girl... smh
anyways, just a little doodle, might look a bit weird but eh just posting something here, some day i will find the inspiration to do something with color again~

Gonna put this here as well because why not?
Just cute lil Brute with his dumb strawberry flavored cock out

I think he's adorable af :dororo:


He can also just fuck her while she's on her period. Since clearly she didn't appreciate the roughness, he can easily just wait for her to be on her time of the month and go from there!
Easy access to eat out
She'll get wet easier
The pain she'll usually feel with cramps will go away while masterbating/having sex...
And what could possibly go wrong?

Disgusting? Yes. Degenerative? Absolutely. Does he want to do this and will keep bothering her until he gets his way? Of course! :} 💕

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Anyhoo, of course she's fucking furious about the idiot not taking it easy on her for their first time but heeeey, he couldn't help himself. He's been wanting to fuck her for years now. :akkoshrug:
Besides, if he can get a nice taste of "wine and juice" from eating her out afterwards, he'll take that opportunity.

He'll try to be more gentle with his little sister next time💕

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Ah, what a shame, today is sibling's day and I can't draw anything atm. But I can toss a stupid HC~

I just find it cute to think that Vamp wanted to be the first one to fuck Alchemist not only because well... Of course he wants to have her first time be special but also just rip her a new one.

... Not great for a first timer but hey, he still wants some kind of blood from her. Disgusting but what else do you expect from him?
Oh no worries, he'll be sure to give aftercare.(´ε` )💕

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i cant stop thinking about the big cake monster DE has as a candy.... sorry for the really dirty sketch,

no please dont fuck grandma she is too small :nuttedon:


Ah, forgotten to post this here too!

Alchemist looks great in her old uniform and Vamp agrees~ :dororo:


. . .
What else do you expect from me? :hlmao:
Of course I'm going to draw Vampire and Alchemist in this situation. It's a shitpost of it but I couldn't help but doodle it out.

Cookie Run makes brain go brrrrr :catto_blush:

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Ah, so Espresso is at it again, this time in class.
(Desperate idiot. :hlmao: )

And since he is saying these things, it's consensual :akkoshrug:
Funny how that works.
Perhaps he'll have his perverted fantasies at some point.

Con-noncon is always fun to have
(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)


I don't have anything too sexual today but it's a small doodle of Herb being "watered"!

I'm planning on drawing more later on! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

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