Testing the pixel blur filter for this Saturday morning.
Works good.

My day again and because this drawing is so late I drew what I was doing until now using Finn.

Anime is hard looks cartoony anime...y? Idk but congrats @Shotanon your request has won the colored request this will be colored once the other requests are done.

Looks like I’ll be drawing some tentacles soon or tentacle... whichever comes to mind first :blobcheeky:

I’ve done a furry. It was a challenge. Let’s have another vote for later after the requests are all done.

Also I’m targeting things like this to test what my limits are if anyone has a suggestion please leave a comment saying one.

Thank you for 800+ followers! I never thought I’d reach this many. Truly appreciate it. Let’s do some requests as promised!
Will do 5
Will be sketch only but because we reached so many. 2 of the 5 I will fully color but random as of which ones.
Requests are chosen randomly.

Saturday morning drawing time! Still trying new styles wonder which one will stick?

It’s time for a Saturday morning drawing again! Today is Zombie Finn trying to wake the dead! Really he just wants his friends to wake up.

Well the votes came back as yes! Aaaaaand I had to look at a lot of references for this. And probably won’t draw like this again it was really hard and out of how I normally draw. But all the references used were detailed so much! So I tried for this furry drawing.

I kinda wanna try and draw a furry.

It’s Saturday morning again! Time for a Saturday morning drawing.

So am getting closer to opening commissions and I’m curious so I can get a good price range that’s fair for both the commissioner and me.

So I need to ask. What would you guys pay for a drawing from me?

This is becoming a habit now.
Enjoy the small comic of Joey losing a battle... twice.

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