Good morning happy new year here is today’s drawing. Gym accident’s

Merry Christmas! Here’s and elf in accurate tight clothes

I’m running out of ideas :blobbroken:
So here’s max from where the wild things are

I literally had no ideas this week. So I made this just now in the moment :blobnervous:
Don’t ever threaten the jungle cat

I tried so hard to draw him in the anime style he’s original drawn in. But after so many failed attempts I got so frustrated I literally said, that’s it you get the Disney treatment :bloblaugh: hope it’s ok the serious anime look is one look I cannot get.

Good morning everyone here’s today’s drawing. Is it just me or when I draw anime it looks like an old art style?

Just a tease no prize this time until I finish the winners requests plus I think this is too easy to guess :blobsmilehappyeyes:

Good morning here is the reveal of the blurred tease
We have gumball Ben and flapjack

@carcon @dbzwii09 @Manaphi
One character fully colored each of you has won, feel free to leave me what character you’d like me to draw when you want.

The last 2 have been guessed correctly. @Manaphi and @dbzwii09 have guessed flapjack and Ben Tennyson

One has been guessed! @carcon has won one of the drawings.

This is fun I may do this once a month if I can

The question are they all from movies?

No they are all from different cartoon shows. All them are main character from there shows

So far no one has guessed right. The characters are from 3 different cartoons. :blobowo: hmm maybe if I give a reward for the first right guesses of each character you will win a drawing?

Good morning everyone in celebration this morning’s drawing is Joey from Pokémon bdsp and getting pantsed
I didn’t know Pokémon moon was gonna make an appearance in the game.

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