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so i do a Curiouscat, i don't know if this is good or no but, there are, B) maybe some sketches request i can do, just ask something :audrey:

[Mia drawing] Who calling ?
@Yokappa Have you find your phone yet ? :blobthinkingsmirk: ~ Mia

another poll drawing yes, Molly Mcgee won the last one, so here is she (with Andrea bonuses)

also thank u for vote :blobheart:

loli mercy and sombra from overwatch! i hope you like it!

Comission sketch of from lol, i hope take more comissions of lolis with that type XD

jazmine and cindy from the boondocks
i love the result of this picture, looks so similar to the original show X) :yanagiyuu_heart3:

Art trade with @Sariphy , drew his cute OC ,Dorothy! check out his art too if you haven't done so, he's really good!

Art trade with @CatONineTails my part drawing his cute Rita, and i noticed something our oc have in common, they both love to do a footjob.

Commissioned by @Sariphy

During my time in the Ninja World Tournament, I picked up a little stowaway in Konoha. A young Hyuga girl by the name of Hikari has made me her husband-to-be, and as such, has been trying her hardest to woo me.

Here, she was attempting at Lord Naruto's "Sexy Jutsu" in which she becomes an attractive version of herself...but accidentally made the wrong hand sign and ended up naked.

Undeterred, she stood naked for a brief moment before releasing it.

"Sexy Jutsu!"

Vote here:

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another poll because i love do polls :blobheartcat:

on your left, Adelaide Chang from The casagrandes

on your right, Chloe park from We bare bears

choose carrefully

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