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You know what screw temporary links, I'm not popular enough for that to work, lol.

I'm Salacious Sovereign, I write porn, and I've made a discord here (

The link will be permanent and pinned, so feel free to stop by and chat!

Here's the final draft. Mabel is my focus for this month so expect more soon...

Posting this to pressure on @cobaltcandle to finish chapter 4, which should be going up very soon. Read Cock Quest, I'm responsible for it existing and it's very good.

Second winner of the jackochallenge polls (average on twt/baraag) a loli after my own heart, Eri from MHA. She's showing off to her crush :blobshh:

:doraemon: :doraemon: :doraemon: :doraemon: the blue cat

More Versions of this picture and Higher resolution in my Fanbox

Here's the transparent background loli png if anyone ever wants to use it for some projects or something :blobcat:

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