Drawing dark stuff relaxes me, but after the sudden rush of emotions disappears I look at the drawing and I go ''what the fuck is this''. It's not like it's badly drawn, it's because I find it pretentious.
To be honest, the pieces I had more fun with were considered ''problematic'' (nsfw included). I like cutesy things too, but it gets boring eventually.

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@S_mommo Its an outlet for things, a big part of why loli and shota art is important is because its an outlet. Better to draw something dark and edgy than to end up on the evening news right? Also, there's nothing wrong with broad tastes, there are plenty of cutesy artists who dip their toes into guro for example.

I mean... yeah. I just wonder why people uses the word ''edgy'' as an insult, because these people often don't call horror films edgy as a genre, even if there is torture and taboo subjects. It's only when small artists do it.
Btw, It seems nowadays the concept of artists being able to draw/write more than wholesome is very alien to certain people. Like... ''oh, this person is not pure, I'm disappointed''.

@S_mommo I honestly feel like these people have a lot of mental maturing yet ahead of them to do. I don't use Edgy in that way, but because its what people say now I have to in order to be descriptive enough. People who don't realize that artists are people, and inherently that means they're not perfect, again there is a long road ahead of them but the real question is will they take even a single step on that road?

@S_mommo That's me and writing and reading stuff. I can dive into some real dark places, but get bored trying to do more "wholesome" fare.

I know right? Wholesome (caring after bdsm or heavy stuff is neat tho) and ''cutesy'' stuff like plain chibi/pastel characters existing. I only like those when they are paired with gore, I can enjoy them, but I feel fake drawing them although people tends to love them.

@S_mommo You, too? As a writer, I feel fake trying to do 100% Wholesome. I can enjoy reading it, but I can't make it without making it a little bit dark. Gore's less my thing, though.

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