Me: *does a thing*
Person of the internet: I don't like that harmless thing you did, dont do it again.
Me:*wants to do even more of it*

I live out of spite and horniness, since whatever I do, I'm always the evil one.

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@S_mommo I approve of this attitude. Revel in yourself<3!

@S_mommo im sure stuff i draw makes people uncomfortable sometimes. only my best friend appreciates that i showed him my likes. he aint into it, but he gets it.

@EtchingPhase yeah, what's even the purpose of having a lewd account if you dont post things you enjoy? I guess I feel like I own loyalty to my ancient followers and lately I have been into other shows.
And it's good you have a best friend that appreciates that, mine just things loli is cp.

@S_mommo his GF is a different story though lmao. i have to hide from the cp crusader. i can serpentine all day. ive been enjoying shota art for at least 13 years.

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