I don't know how much of this is true of affects other countries, but apparently USA wants to ban nsfw contend in general, including queer art.
Please, do not let this pass. If it does it will affect a lot of people including sex workers and artists as long as free art expression.

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@S_mommo do you have a source? i live in the US and i havent heard anything about this

@S_mommo hmmm, while this bill does present issues to the current internet landscape, it isnt as dire as being a straight nsfw content ban. this article definitely uses overly alarmist speech to describe it, as well as making some pretty sweeping assumptions. additionally, the US lawmaking process is VERY long and complicated, and this law's passing is in no way a sure thing. thats just my amateur reading of it tho, but i hope it puts you at ease. thanks for letting me know about it!

No problem! Nsfw contend and creators are often misunderstood and are seen as a target of censorship (legal irl contend, not talking about irl illegal stuff), in the name of ''think of the children'' so I was kinda worried, even if it sounded exaggerated.
I don't understand laws either, less from USA, but I hope it's nothing.

@S_mommo I haven't heard anything like that.
It would be a violation of the first amendment.

There are dick heads that do want to censor stuff, but they can't really.

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