Lewd tmi (another wet dream) 

I had a fucking dream where I was sandwiched by Sonic and Shadow.
I honestly don't know how to feel, because it aroused me and I find it interesting, but it was so shameless/self indulging.
I couldn't contain myself, kinda. Damn! I surely like the D.
Why I'm telling this, btw.

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Lewd tmi (another wet dream) 

I wish I weren't this shameless lol.

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Lewd tmi (another wet dream) 

@S_mommo nothing to be ashamed of with such a dream!

Lewd tmi (another wet dream) 

Still, I kinda feel ashamed of being interested in the Sonic franchise because... you know, it can be cancerous. I wish I could bring you guys the good contend you deserve with shota stuff.

Lewd tmi (another wet dream) 

@S_mommo you do you, it's your accounts and your art. treat yourself!

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