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loli, bdsm, yuri, furry 

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Tmi (friendships, vent)+thanks 

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IMPORTANT (read before PM me): 

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April fools 

warning: incestous/underage ship + bi CUB x humans/orgy (includes dubcon, food, ear/tail rubbing) 

public masturbation + amedot 

Aaaaaagh, I don't know what to draw. I'm on an ''enjoying fanart without contributing'' mood. Well, I guess I know what to draw but it's not my niche so I doubt I will post it (unless someone is interested, but I think I would DM)

''when a nsfw artist doesn't like your ship'' 

OOOw I love , she is so cute that for welcoming you she brings a little sweet things for you too enjoy (ยด,,โ€ขฯ‰โ€ข,,)โ™ก

Tmi lewd (furry) 

Tmi + lewd (furry/cub?) 

Tmi (about the disease, sorry, I won't talk about it again) 

shota sissy+ threesome+ futa (mega dicks) 

Drawing little soft perverted things makes ape brain warm and cozy.

Does someone know why I can't see certain replies in the notifications? Also, I try to reply to certain people but I need to enter certain domain (baraag?), why is this? No, I didn't block them.

Pissed at ''sexy art'' police 

Intergalactic Women's Day

for when you're an intergalactic woman
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