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Some height difference sfw shit on my Twitter.
Just a reminder that I post this ship, as long as and . And nsfw of course.

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IMPORTANT (read before PM me): 

-No, I don't accept PM suggestions. You can tell ideas publicly on the comments but it's not sure I will draw them, try to not insist if I didn't respond you. I felt saturated in Tumblr and I'm here to have fun, to feel safe.
-Right now I don't have the need to start commissions. Maybe in the future. Then I will post which kinks are acceptable for me. I won't accept everything.
Thank you and I hope you understand.

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I feel like doing a marathon of my favorite Adventure Time episodes. Lately I have been sick due to an infection and I'm afraid I will have to face surgery although I wish I could rest for a day, I don't want to be seen as lazy.

I don't know how much of this is true of affects other countries, but apparently USA wants to ban nsfw contend in general, including queer art.
Please, do not let this pass. If it does it will affect a lot of people including sex workers and artists as long as free art expression.

Some height difference sfw shit on my Twitter.
Just a reminder that I post this ship, as long as and . And nsfw of course.

Lewd tmi (another wet dream) 

I wish I weren't this shameless lol.

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Lewd tmi (another wet dream) 

I had a fucking dream where I was sandwiched by Sonic and Shadow.
I honestly don't know how to feel, because it aroused me and I find it interesting, but it was so shameless/self indulging.
I couldn't contain myself, kinda. Damn! I surely like the D.
Why I'm telling this, btw.

Apparently, the new Microsoft Edge is better than Chrome? But what pissed me off was that its installation and use was forced and sneaky. Maybe it's better idk, but you are making people mad, great marketing strategy lmao.

In other good news, my tablet drivers stop working on Photoshop now.

disembodied dicks (furry/sonic characters + cub) 

''Who's been drawing dicks?''
I just drew a bunch of furry headcanons, I don't have much inspiration, but it relaxes me.

Shota lewd heacanon 

Cute shota (9) has a crush on an older minor (16 โ™‚๏ธ) or teen friend that he admires, he notices it and, instead of nagging him and saying it's wrong, he totally consents it, but it's like a secret that both share. The boy gets a bit possessive about his older friend whenever a girl approaches, boy enjoys the cute embarrassing faces his friend does when he touches his peen (a bit of sexual exploration). Secretly they have a QPR.

Now, I feel the need to draw this headcanon.

if your shota characters never get forced to perform oral whats the point

Late pride message. 

Just a reminder that experiencing sexual attraction without romantic attraction/not understanding of romantic love of having a preference for polyamory, doesn't make you a bad person or a ''nasty homosexual''. You aren't a ''bad representation''.
It's okay to be sex repulsed, but it's not okay to shame people for experiencing sexual attraction. Sex is natural and another way (non exclusive) of showing affection.

Happy super late pride month (the month of finals, sadly)

I don't know if I should worry rn, because since yesterday I experience sudden symptoms of low energy, nose itching, some itchy throat and ears.
It looks very similar to a cold but people on the Internet is scaring me.
I was trying to keep my mother away but she doesn't listen and she's in an age risk.
The shitty part was that I only went out ONCE and with a mask all the time and washing my shit.


''They can't bully people and be unprofessional because they are adults, not babies''
Oh honey, if you think that having X age is correlated with not being a judgemental bitch with herd mentality I warn you for a huge disappointment in humanity.
If all adults were reasonable rational beings with the ability to reason why they like/act like they like/act, shit were perfect in the world and discrimination wouldn't exist.

BMO!!! My child, why are you selling potatoes?

(Just saw a sneak peak)

Japanese artists and porn 

One of the things that I admire from Japanese porn artists is the fact that they live without hesitation through their characters.
They aren't afraid of projecting on their art or admit that they wanna fuck a shota/loli/cub.
I only saw a ''commit stop living'' on pixiv.
I see them and I'm like... How? How can I be the same?

adventure time (shota finn), pegging/futa, threesome 

I ended doing some fubbline quick doodle. Also, soft tubby boi , for the memories...

Ugh, I don't know what to draw, it always happens when I have a lot of free time...
I wanted to enjoy the free space until I start working again tomorrow.
What I have done is something out of my comfort zone, not ready to post it.

Twitter has gone completely off the rails.

When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news.
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