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IMPORTANT (read before PM me): 

-No, I don't accept PM suggestions. You can tell ideas publicly on the comments but it's not sure I will draw them, try to not insist if I didn't respond you. I felt saturated in Tumblr and I'm here to have fun, to feel safe.
-Right now I don't have the need to start commissions. Maybe in the future. Then I will post which kinks are acceptable for me. I won't accept everything.
Thank you and I hope you understand.

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Tmi lewd (cartoon crushes) 

Of course my dumb ass forgot about Jeanette Miller too. But my very first cartoon girl crush was... *drum roll*

Maya the bee (2d edition)

I mean... I was so young. I remember I wanted her to be real and have my same height so bad, I drew my first fanart, I wanted to hug her and kiss her. I was so innocent I used to think everybody felt that way?
It seems like my type is : soft and good girl (sub generally) that likes to help people.

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Tmi lewd (cartoon crushes) 

My ''definitely not straight'' starter pack (young age edition).
-I used to wait for Milly just to appear again. Idk, she had such gay energy to me.
-There is a tied-up+ tickling scene in Digimon Frontier. I remember feeling ''funny'' when they tickled Zoe, like I wanted to do ''that'' to her.
-I mean, Roxanne is Roxanne. Who didn't want to be in Max's place in the very first scene. Another ''funny'' scene.
-Greta was my first milf. I always found her so beautiful.

steven x connie, cuntboy, loli/shota, strap-on, chub 

Another quick thing: teaching to use his pussy by using hers as an example + pegging chub Stevo because he's cute like that.
Hey, @Kesina you may like this.

Okay, this is unrelated to porn and I promise I will get back to it, but I wanna know your opinion: if you had a friend artist and your b-day was coming soon... What kind of gift would you prefer:

tails x cream , yiff , cub (femdom/tied/pet) , sissy 

Thanks for the suggestions, guys (no more for now), I will try to do some quick flat color doodles (no background), no complications.
I must admit that dom is quite interesting and rocks pink color :yanagiyuu_heart3:


I hate ship/art police in general, but at least with minors involved I can understand where they are coming from (not that I agree). But I can't understand the ''don't ship these friends, they have a brotherly bond'' like they were actual brothers?? Incest where? I can love my friends a lot, it doesn't mean they are my literal family. Mostly of the time it's just their perception of the ship and the characters didn't meet as little kids.

shadaria, interspecies (alien dick), yiff, loli 

''When homie gets suddenly horny and you have no time to take off her clothes''

Oh fuck, I was in the mood for some wholesome fluff, maybe next time if you are lucky I will draw some hardcore hand holding.
Now for real, Maria is so cute I wish I could draw her more. Also, alien dick. @D_JamarArt , maybe you are interested.

When people follows you for just one drawing and you are there like...
''Should I warn them or...?''
Like... Im into several characters and media and I'm pretty random with the art.

summer camp island, lesdom (dubcon + loli), futa, yiff 

Thicc lolis, thicc lolis, thicc lolis, thicc lolis, thicc lol...

Some Hedgehog abuse, I changed their designs a bit to fit my style. First two images are from my au where Susie forces H to take a potion as part of some witch newbie ritual. I like the idea of legal loli pedo teacher torturing her hormonal and sexually confused apprentices.
Two last images are me just being gay.

I bet Marcy acts different when Sasha's being... Sasha. That's probably why she seems smug in that flashback of Anne stealing the music box. :blobowo:

The Owl House, lesdom (yuri + minor), tied up, trad art 

Some traditional doodles messing aroung with the pen brush since I cant post from the computer for now. I remembered my last scenario and got an idea.
Im so excited for the Owl House to be aired on my country finally.

Some lewd scenario (yuri) 

A hopelessly horny sub butch being softly tortured by flavored neck kisses (note to me: I need to buy more of those lipsticks) by a dom futch/feminine leaning woman, among other stuff.
Im fed up of the idea that masculinity in women equals dominance in bdsm play.


Bathing a pussy is like bathing a dog...

Full body bath time for the whole family.

Sorry guys no lolis this weekend, I was busy working on this Chel piece for twitter. But I did find this sketch of Chel propositioning a local shota I should post here.


Lmao, Trick Moon porn when?
People really believe it's free from r34, uh?
That little rascal is kinda cute, must admit.

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