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Sontails (sfw) masterpost 1/?, fluff gay furry, minors doing drugs (one image) 

πŸ’™ πŸ’›
Punk jock and nerd is my city
I like to give them clothes.

I will post my sfw sontails doodles in this thread for now on. This way I won't overflow Baraag's local timeline with the ship. I wish I could post them on my sfw account, but it's ''problematic''. Check for updates.

The last one is movie Sonic meeting game Tails and being confused since he doesn't know they are on a qpr.

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tails x cream (orgy teasing), yiff, cub (loli/shota), dubcon 

Well, first art of the year!
A friend and I were discussing this scenario where Eggman brings an army of Creams to distract Tails so he could steal the Chaos Emeralds (I don't know if robots or creams from different dimensions).
Inspired by a Zootopia image I saw on Twitter.
Also, cute fox paws because... yes.

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IMPORTANT (read before PM me): 

-No, I don't accept PM suggestions. You can tell ideas publicly on the comments but it's not sure I will draw them, try to not insist if I didn't respond you. I felt saturated in Tumblr and I'm here to have fun, to feel safe.
-Right now I don't have the need to start commissions. Maybe in the future. Then I will post which kinks are acceptable for me. I won't accept everything.
Thank you and I hope you understand.

Sonic and Tails question (other AU ) 

Weird shower question (Zootopia universe):
If we put a fennec fox kit (smallest fox species) next to an nearly adult European common hedgehog (biggest species) ... Would their heights be equivalent/similar to Sonic and Tails somehow?

I wish I could draw ''Disney''.

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Tmi lewd 

Current mood: ✨fuck away the pain✨.

To hell with love.

Just fucking our brains out.

More rant 

''If I didn't have emotions I would be more productive''''I want a pill to not have them''
NO, absolutely NO. Repressing them would make you miserable and despersonalized, believe me.

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I saw a wtf comment in Youtube and I need to say this to however needs to read it:

Having a naturally higher libido is not wrong, bad, impure. You aren't less worthy if you have a higher libido, specially women. You aren't less worthy if you spend healthy amount of time caring about your personal needs instead of overworking (this includes masturbation).
Libido is part of you, just like emotions.


''Yes, it's me, that bitch with the face of I-dont-give-a-shit-about-humanity'', I swear that I'm inoffensive and non feral.

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Me, trying to socialize with my fellow (friends) artists and suggest to do a collab like:

It's tough being a bisexual artist and having a lot of people only like a portion of your work. You can't change people's taste, so I get it... but it sure sucks when they can't restrain themselves from letting you know it with comments along the lines of "nice, when do we see him fucking a boy??" and "finally! More gay stuff!" and things of that nature, it doesn't change what I want to draw, if anything it makes me want to dig my heels in.

I do like the "damn i'm gay but this is hot" comments

summer camp island hh, loli, bdsm (tied up, dubcon, hard) 

''We know how to treat mouthy little shits like you here''

If you wanna be seen as an adult, you must endure it like one.

cursed lewd shitpost, cookie run sonic update (includes shota and mega cock) 

I tried my best to imitate the CR style and make it porn, it's harder than expected. Long time since I dont draw something cookie related, I dont play it anymore.

Do not worry guys, they are blueberry and mint flavored respectively. Watch for sugar overdose tho.

Them: please, do not draw porn/sexualize that cute character, I'm begging you.

Me: oh boi,now I gotta draw some porn of that cute character!!

Size difference, furry, wholesome (?) 

Them: dude, why do you like furries so much?? Specially ones based on small species???

Me: he he, picking fluffy cute tiny bf/gf up like a doll goes brrr :catto_blush:

If nobody told you today, you are wonderful. You make the world a better place. You deserved to be loved. Don't ever forget that you have a purpose in life. I know you will find it some day.

Yes, can we have more straight porn (non cartoons) with men moaning, groaning or even showing their pleasured faces at least?
I don't know why, but I find it so sexy when they show emotions as well and aren't just flying cocks.

Lewd scenario/headcanon, loli/shota, fuck you antis 

Just imagine,

Your favorite characters see the porn you draw/write of them and they get turn on by it.

They want you to fuck them all night long.
YES, including shotas/lolis

noncon yiff gay (drunk), aged Tails 

And talking about aging characters, I had this aged up Tails (Archie comics) laying around but I never had the chance to post it. I guess this time is as good as any other.
I fucking love men (as well), but I find drawing them sexy super hard.

He had his first glass of wine and he's already drunk. And I think the other men in the cantine are getting waaay too affectionate for some reason

Man, kids on the Internet really are over there thinking and getting confused at fictional characters not aging...

They are...
They don't follow our rules.
They don't age because creators said so, it's not some sci fi explanation

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