1) In the Pikachu's Vacation animation, Squirtle wanted to prove that he was faster than Marill. He lost to her initially, but in the rematch, there were different rules in place that worked in his favor.

2) Princess Morbucks is giving away something for free for once. Mitch should be grateful. Princess Morbucks and the BG were drawn by me. Mitch was drawn by C00K13E4T3R.

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3) Here we have a baby version of Sonny, Helen, Guy (unnamed by Nintendo), and Azalea. All of these characters appeared in a Mario Golf game. These competitive tykes are practicing their strokes.

4) Remember in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! when Kirby was split into a boy and girl? They try to learn how to cope with the split from the experienced, Fololo and Falala. There is a lot to take advantage of.

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