1) Spinda wants to spend her Valentine with a fire type this year. Scorbunny does what he does best. Spinda and the BG were drawn by me and Scorbunny was drawn by C00K13E4T3R.

2) Baby Bowser plays secret games with Baby Mario when he can. He doesn’t tell a soul and expects Baby Mario to keep his trap shut as well.

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3) Sharing an experience with a fellow penguin has opened many possibilities for Badtz-Maru and Tuxedo Sam. It turned out to be a very hot winter for the both. Batz-Maru and the BG were drawn by me and Tuxedo Sam was drawn by C00K13E4T3R.

4) As the mayor, Villager must check in on his citizens to ensure town satisfaction. The private business of Maple and Bluebear shall be protected at all cost…provided he gets to join.

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@SL350 @C00K13E4T3R This is actually the first time you've drawn porn of Badtz Maru and Tuxedosam.

@BenthekidRS @C00K13E4T3R I'm sure there isn't much dirty work of them out there so it feels good to contribute. :)

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