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🌟 The Ground Rules!🌟

- All artwork is a work of fiction. Do NOT take it literally! If any of this artwork offends you, please find the nearest exit and get off my page. If you are not interested in my themes do not follow me. Just use the block feature.

- You are free to make character suggestions, but I am not obligated to draw them.

- If you’re going to re-post my work, at least credit me as the artist. Link the images!

- Have fun, but don’t be a dummy!

"Pi'illo Folk Invitation"

These two Pi'illo kids may have misinterpreted, but if this method gets the member to fall asleep quicker to enter the Dream World it might prove very helpful. :D

'illo &Luigi

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"Trigger Me"

Here's a short comic featuring Stewie, Rallo, and minor character referred to as Slut Baby.

"Sweet Spot"

Leave it to AiAi to nail MeeMee's sweet spot just right. On a side note, it would be nice if Sega actually produced a Super Monkey Ball game on par with the Gamecube entries. :/

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"Ai's Preparation"

In order for Ai to handle Shin, she has an intense training regimen with Mr. K. She'll figure out the best way to pleasure Shin then he will have to marry her!...At least that's what she thinks.

3) When Stewie and Bertram add their new playmate, Scotty into the mix, things got interesting. Guess they're playing a game to see who has the largest load.

4) Tuff becomes the center of attention as he takes one for the team again. They just keep getting bigger and bigger!

1) Baby Daisy gave an eager youthful Spike a chance to prove himself, but he didn’t produce as much cream as Luigi. I don’t think Spike was too concerned about that though. He got that release.

2) Another collaboration with cmd589. Turning down the Deku Princess is not easy. The opportunity to fuck a wood creature is a rare one for sure. The real question Link wants to know is whether it’s rough down there or not. The Deku Princess and background were drawn by me and Link was by cmd589.

"Adore Me, Not Her!"

Penny from Shin Chan has had enough of people ogling over her rival, Ai. It's time for a change!

"Tuber Girl Lounge"

When you and your opponent's gaze meet, you can't help but have a Pokemon battle. Tuber Girl has a few new rules to spice things up though. Better be ready!


“Advance Play”

Baby Ella, Baby Neil, and Baby Helen show off their advanced skills on the golf course. They’re gaining lots of experience day by day!

3) Collaboration with cmd589. Pikachu Libre is looking for a sidekick. If you think you have the guts and can take on a nicely sized double-ended dildo then you’re a potential candidate. Pikachu Libre was drawn by me and Raichu was drawn by cmd589.

4) Collaboration with cmd589. One of the waitresses on the train to Poshley Heights couldn’t control herself when she finally got a chance to meet her idol. Zip Toad and the background were drawn by me and Toad Waitress was drawn by cmd589.

1) When Baby Beel and Kota reunite, it’s more than just a friendly handshake. They reconnect in the best way Beel learned from the other humans.

2) Collaboration with cmd589. Fairy culture is weird, but I would not change a thing. The fairy, Wanda, isn’t from the Sprixie Kingdom so Blue Sprixie must put her to the test. Wanda and the background were drawn by me and Blue Sprixie was drawn by cmd589.

"Oh, Mayor..."

Being an assistant to the mayor isn't easy. It's hard for Isabelle to keep up with his demands sometimes.

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