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🌟 The Ground Rules!🌟

- All artwork is a work of fiction. Do NOT take it literally! If any of this artwork offends you, please find the nearest exit and get off my page. If you are not interested in my themes do not follow me. Just use the block feature.

- You are free to make character suggestions, but I am not obligated to draw them.

- If you’re going to re-post my work, at least credit me as the artist. Link the images!

- Have fun, but don’t be a dummy!

"Yoshi's Island Welcoming"

Got to start this adventure right with that Yoshi's Island hospitality. Enjoy your stay!


"Homerun Contest"

Training with Sandbag is always a treat for these three. It's how they like to master their lewd moves on each other.

"Fairy Assist"

Those Wind Waker fairies did the best job in assisting their captor. Healing hearts ain't the only thing they're good for. They also like to throw in a bonus from time to time.

3) A collaboration with cmd589. Timmy finally gets to score with Trixie Tang, but Wanda won’t let it happen. Trusting Timmy’s pull-out game is not a risk she’s willing to take.

4) A collaboration with cmd589. As outcasts, Young Naruto and Young Garaa get to know each other better. Jinchūriki have an unspoken bond that allows them to connect with each other. Naruto is going to teach Garaa what he learned all by himself. Young Garaa was drawn by me and Young Naruto was drawn by cmd589.

1) Hungry Luma is always thirsty for dick. The best way to get around them is to fill them up, right?

2) A collaboration with cmd589. Secret Squirrel and Penny had a thing. Who knew? Their boss and Morocco Mole don’t have to know about this super-secret mission. Penny was drawn by me and Secret Squirrel by cmd589.

"Katt Tease"

Falco might prefer the ground after witnessing such a view from Katt.

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"Slippery Surprise"

Yoshi's tongue comes in handy. It was a delightful surprise for Baby Rosalina. It must be one of Yoshi's many methods used to reward good behavior.

"Rhythm Heaven Fever"

The road to rhythm heaven is no easy task, but as long as you keep that rhythm up, you'll get there in no time! Cam, Marshal, and Miss Ribbon have the right idea.

"Pokemon Myth"

Ice Climber, Nana, says that the Pokemon she's encountered during her Smash Bros. adventures are innocent. I'd say it's the small ones you have to worry about. The cuter they are the more devious their intentions!

"Snack Attack"

This was a collaboration I did with cmd589 a couple years ago. I drew her baby hammer bro fan-character, Honcho, and she drew my boomerang bro fan-character, Blitz. Baby Honcho must have been the one to initiate this event because Blitz is too scaredy to be the alpha. 😀

"Bubble Monkey Love"

That's one girlfriend Bubble Monkey should not let go. I don't know if Winters can handle such heat!

"Highly Active"

Baby Mario puts all of his energy to good use. The other kids could learn something from him. It would make Yoshi's job a whole lot easier!

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"Nothing Can Stop the Romance"

I'm a fan of little Chocobo from the Chocobo's Dungeon series. During troubled times, it's a good thing Chocobo has his trusted friend, Mog, to help him out. He's a hands-on kinda moogle I hear.

'sdungeon /male

"Quick Stop"

I imagine it would be kinda hard to jerk off when you have a talking bird hat nagging at you. The world may be small, but Link's horny levels have risen a great deal.

"Time Out"

If you're going to place them in time out, Yoshi, you should probably separate them next time. :O

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