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🌟 The Ground Rules!🌟

- All artwork is a work of fiction. Do NOT take it literally! If any of this artwork offends you, please find the nearest exit and get off my page. If you are not interested in my themes do not follow me. Just use the block feature.

- You are free to make character suggestions, but I am not obligated to draw them.

- If you’re going to re-post my work, at least credit me as the artist. Link the images!

- Have fun, but don’t be a dummy!

"Goal Post"

Reaching the goal post after completing a tough level requires celebration. Baby Peach has the right idea!

3) Collab with cook13E4t3r. <3 Otto Osworth and Sherman’s love for history got them acquainted with each other quickly. Otto and the BG were drawn by me. Sherman was drawn by cook13E4t3r.

4) Collab with cook13E4t3r. <3 There are some popular videos the kids in Charlie Brown’s school are sharing with each other. Patty and Violet got their hands on them now which they enjoyed greatly. Violet and the BG were drawn by me. Patty was drawn by cook13E4t3r.

1) Taking it up the rear became second nature for Knuckle Joe in his early years. Now he can take a pounding from the toughest of foes!

2) Collaboration with cook13E4t3r. <3 Zoey shows Shelby what she’s learned after spending time with the Bittermans. Baby Zoey and the BG were drawn by me. Shelby was drawn by cook13E4t3r.

"Welcome to Melodia"

Melodia has some peculiar rules for those who want to visit. Everything appears to be done in rhythm from humping to blowjobs. If you can manage that, then you'll have a wonderful time. Tappy and Cymbi think so.

3) Harold and Sally had fun catching up after not seeing each other for a while. All that practice Sally had with her brother, Charlie Brown, really paid off!

4) Collaboration with cook13E4t3r. <3 Vaati likes to show off his package in hopes of seducing Link. Ezlo doesn’t seem to be a fan of what’s going on. Vaati and the BG were drawn by me. Link and Ezlo were drawn by cook13E4t3r.

1) Collaboration with cook13E4t3r. <3 Clearing your debt has never been easier thanks to Ai’s newly discovered life hack. Ai, Curt, and the BG were drawn by me. Yu and Margie were drawn by cook13E4t3r.

2) Collaboration with cook13E4t3r. <3 Red Sprixie wanted a little lovin’ before regrouping with the other Sprixie Princesses. I can’t remember exactly where the male fairy came from. Wario’s Woods? Red Sprixie and the BG were drawn by me. Male Fairy was drawn by cook13E4t3r.

"Horror Land"

The flight to Horror Land was very arousing for Toadette. Not wearing any underwear was the right choice! This was based on Mario Party 2. Of course Toadette wasn't in that game, but I like to mix it up. :)

"Jojora Play"

The Mario Bros. could not pass Jojora unless they entertained her with a game. She was caught off guard with a game like this, but it worked.

3) Collab with cook13E4t3r. <3 O’Chunks is feeling chunky after the offer Mimi made for him. There’s nothing to see, Mario! Keep on adventuring. Mario, Mimi, Tippi, and the BG were drawn by me. O’Chunks was drawn by cook13E4t3r.

4) Collab with cook13E4t3r. <3 Deku Link’s performance grabbed the attention of some local Deku Scrubs. He only has three days to save Termina, so might as well make the best of it. Deku Link and the BG were drawn by me. Deku Scrubs were drawn by cook13E4t3r.

1) It’s Amala from a show called “16 Hudson”. It’s just good manners to return to favor, you know?

2) Collaboration with cook13E4t3r. <3 What kind of friend would Goku be if he didn’t play one of his favorite games with little Upa? Upa was drawn by me and Kid Goku was drawn by cook13E4t3r.

“Juice Collector”

It’s very important that juice is extracted each day to increase chances of survival. Brittany is very serious about her work. Alph will have to adjust.

“Tougher Than the Rest”

Princess Morbucks has proof that she is tougher than the Powerpuff Girls.

“Underwater Play”

Using the Frog Suit, Baby Peach was able to explore a whole new world undersea. She met a friendly dolphin named Vantaa who showed her the best time. The underwater creatures get extremely excited to see land walkers underwater.

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