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⭐ Commission Price Chart⭐

[Updated] My current commission information is in the images below. Please read the rules and analyze the price chart before commissioning me. Prices and offerings are always subject to change. Send me a DM if interested. There is currently a 3 slot limit.

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🌟 The Ground Rules!🌟

- All artwork is a work of fiction. Do NOT take it literally! If any of this artwork offends you, please find the nearest exit and get off my page. If you are not interested in my themes do not follow me. Just use the block feature.

- You are free to make character suggestions, but I am not obligated to draw them.

- If you’re going to re-post my work, at least credit me as the artist. Link the images!

- Have fun, but don’t be a dummy!

"Exceptionally Wet"

Who said ground Pokemon don't like to get wet? According to Phanphy, it depends on the situation.

3) When you gotta go, you gotta go. Hopefully Ticky isn’t too traumatized about Tocky using him for a little personal satisfaction. He’s probably more embarrassed about Tocky’s time joke.

4) It’s not everyday Jill Dozer gets to meet someone as invested in drilling at herself. Susumu is doing a good job drilling all the right spots.

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1) The King of Red Lions told Link to expect the unexpected during his rescue operation at the Forsaken Fortress, but…wow!

2) Chopper thought he could handle the high setting, but he overestimated himself.

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"Alternative Fun"

Nina teaches Pocoyo there are other ways they could have fun together that he was unware of. He's got quite the story to tell his other friends now.

3) Rerun’s little pigtailed friend wants to make sure Rerun was paying attention in class. A little hands-on reinforcement never hurt the learning process.

4) Terriermon helps his twin, Lopmon, reach the next level. Who knows? He might even unlock an ability he never knew he had.

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1) Chloe understands other parts of her body need a good workout too. Who better to ask for help than her good friends, The Bears.

2) The demon duo, LLoromannic, enjoys the benefit of having a twin who is just as horny. Cherry and Berry probably have this kind of fun all the time.

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"The Power of Love"

Unico is always talking about the power of love giving him strength and all. Katy had the chance to experience it first-hand.

"Lucky Day"

If fusing Kinstones can result in moments like this, it's no wonder they're so popular. There's never a dull moment for Link when interacting with the Picori.

"Found It!"

Baby Joe is always worried about not being able to keep his rhythm going while dancing, but I guess he finally found it...down below. It's inspired Baby Yoshi to find her rhythm too, using her tongue. :3

Bertram (Family Guy)
Lily (Animal Crossing)
Ai (Animal Crossing)
Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel (Hello Kitty)
Mega Man (Mega Man: Powered Up)
Pommy Cat (Bomberman)
Maple (Animal Crossing)
Chamametchi and Mokokotchi (Tamagotchi)

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"Luby Lisa"

This is my contribution for @8horns 2022 Lisamania event. You have to really work that kind of lotion in. Lisa is going to need some assistance. :3

"Ghostly Bond"

I think Baby Mario is unaware how long forever actually is. Princess Peach will have to save him this time from Chauncey. He doesn't want to lose his play toy--I mean playmate!... anytime soon.

"Typhlosion Explosion"

When Typhlosion cums, his receiver will likely never forget. It's probably just as hot as his flame.

"Stat Boost"

Leveling up is always satisfying. With each level, Ness unloads even more than before. It's one of the most important stats!

"Side Quest"

Sometimes the side quests are very rewarding! This one worked out well for Link while visiting Medli at Dragon Roost Island. A bird has to spread more than her wings, I suppose.

"Customer Demand"

Charmander is working hard at the café to deliver exemplary service despite all the demanding customers. Sometimes they want a little something extra when visiting. It's an exhausting job to say the least!

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