Just bought a damn Switch, time for some fucking jrpgs

Man I wish there were some better requests on /delicious x.x

Also wondering how people feel about sketches, don't always have time to self indulge and it would probably be better than not posting anythingπŸ€”

Finally glad to have a bit of free time to do some stuff I had been wanting to do for ages. Forgot how fun doing loli stuff was.

This is probably the first platform I've actually talked to people on, even slightly. I just don't ever have much to say.

Welcome newcomers, hope you enjoy your stay.

A few fetishes I wanna indulge in and post, but I'm too much of a chicken to post it anywhere. Rip me lol

I dunno why I have such a hard time creating art outside of a project. If I sit down to do a random doodle, I just can't do it, but If I'm working on a project or have a set idea in mind, I'm there 120% x.x

Now I'm debating if I should post old 2d stuff or 3d stuff.

It feels kinda weird having an active timeline....dunno how to feel lol

πŸ”ž baraag.net

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