Walk animation exercise using Henrike + older animations.
2nd and 3rd were testing out using Opentoonz for scanning and coloring of pencil drawings. 4th was a 6 frame walk cylce test.

WIP, fairly quick finishing of a prior young Zelda animation.

I feel silly for only recently remembering that I can convert lines to vector in Clip studio.

# Zelda

Various Sketches for /v/
1st was for a MMBN thread.
2nd are from a few threads.
3rd was for a post with a get, saying "Wife material".

Finally got around to rigging my low poly (~2.6k tri, PS2 level tricount) Henrike Fuchs model. I used Selphies model from Kingdom Hearts 1 as a topology and texture reference reference.

Not perfect by any means, but I think it looks visually pleasing as a model alone.

OC (heavily inspired by Arumi from Abenobashi). Testing out making a quick model sheet. Also animation study.

Even more (rough animated) MMBN sketches for a thread on /v/ following the 404'ing of the prior one.

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MMBN/ Rockman exe sketches drawn for a /v/ thread that went on to get 1233 posts.

First images drawings were made before the 500th post. Last 3 were drawn after the thread (d)evolved into ToT /(uoh) funposting.

Various sketches done for /v/ threads
-Various MMBN/Starforce girls
-Simple Saria animation
-An Ahsoka Tano drawn for a starwars thread on /v/
-A Cream for a Cream thread

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