Here's a rare 'double no-image post' from me.

Despite my primary interest being Loli's, I admit I found the following 'article' interesting as well (in a purely scientific context, of course ^_^)

"Research Proves Comic Book Boobs Have Gotten Much Bigger"

I admit I have the ability to sometimes look at myself with judgmental, and sometimes hypocritical, eye ^_^

I follow several Sub Reddits that talk about sexy female celebs, and recently there is an explosion of stuff about Millie Bobby Brown ('Eleven", Stranger Things).

Kind of disturbing how some guys talk about her, (recently 18, but still) but I've seen the same about Chloe Grace Moretz, who I have an 'appreciation' for (but never talked about like these guys do 0_0)

Said I was quitting for good, but as usual, I lied ^_^

That being said, still going back to a 'Once in a long while' level of posting.

Saw someone else by the name of 'Vs' (I think) do a "Loli Ripley" image, so I decided to try my own version (again, as usual).

For my version I actually used a 'Sigourney Weaver Celebrity Morph', properly 'de-aged', although I did modify the chin to lengthen it a bit (the de-ager I use always seems to make the chins too compact).

Don't know why I'm announcing it here, of all places, but....

I recently learned that my oldest sibling passed away today.

We haven't told out mother yet, but its going to be a hard time for us all.

I of course won't be posting soon, and maybe finally just give up this identity for good at last, I don't know........

A friend of mine shared this link with me.

He is one of the few African Americans I know who are into Anime (or geek stuff in general), and gave me 'permission' to laugh at it, and its quite funny ^_^

"If You Tried To Escape Racism By Living in Anime"

I'm having another one of those 'Crisis of Conscience' moments:

As creeped out as I am by my own images sometimes, there are times when I'm over at Pixiv, and I notice some thumbnails for images that are CLEARLY highly modified PHOTOS of Real People.

Sometimes they are simply head shots of 'Lolis' (a term that shouldn't be used for a real person), but a couple of times its been of persons involved in a sex act.

It makes me want to quit Pixiv, although I get more hits there than here.

didnt feel that it was worthy of the fanbox so its a freebie i guess.

didnt feel that it was worthy of the fanbox so its a freebie i guess.

Inspired by the work of NSFY, here is my own take on Phoebe Spengler as the 'Gatekeeper' for Zuul, looking for her 'Keymaster'.

It wasn't until I saw 'Afterlife' that I finally, after all these years, put 2 and 2 together.

Dana and Luis were the Gatekeeper and Keymaster in the original movie.

In the sequel, Dana suddenly has a child.

I swear I never thought that it might be the kid of Luis until I saw Afterlife, and it was obvious they had sex (young mind wasn't thinking such then ^_^)

i really love these girls, definitely i will do more of them after the mothers special X)

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