Wednesday (1973 cartoon).
I wasn't very content with the first Wednesday I did, so here's another go. Have a good day!

You know, I was just thinking:

I believe that, for my 'medium' for art (Daz Studio mostly), there is one specific product that has led to a virtual explosion of 3d Lolicon/Shotacon 'artists', out there:

The 'Growing Up' series for the Genesis 3 and 8 models:

Before this, you had to use models that were actually 'sculpted' to look younger.

Now, with this, you can 'de-age' any 'adult' morph, and many make Younger morphs using this product as a base.


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"Wednesday pays the price for dark magicks, as she is taken to hell by a Demon.

"She returns 6 day, 6 hours, and 6 minutes later, looking relaxed and refreshed, talking to Morticia and Gomez about her little 'vacation' " ^_^

Decided to do one final image of Wednesday, just to show off the body morph I picked.

I gave her some prominent....well, an episode of Rick and Morty called them 'Cum Gutters', but the actual term is 'Iliac Crest'

The rock star pink has deep ones

A couple more Wednesday Addams images, with a pose somewhat based on one of Lilandy's recent images:

Unlike in his image, I don't have Wednesday's Demonic Playmates doing a DAP (Double Anal Penetration).

The morphs I use really tend to distort the figure after a certain point (or maybe I should have made their dicks amaller 😅 )

Probably going to quit for awhile now, I may have over-reacted to the whole Shadman thing, but better Safe than Sorry.


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Our Discord to chat :

As I said, I haven't 'quit the game' for good.

If I come up with an idea, I may still do the occasional image, and this is one of those ideas, based on the simple prospect that I saw an image of a goth chick wearing a lace tube top, and it made me think of Wednesday Addams.

I call this image "Wednesday and the Black Arts", where she is using Witchcraft to summon some 'playmates' ^_^

Don't know if I'll do any more though.

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