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Adrianna: "Hey Victor, you look upset. Are you OK?"

Me: "Yeah, had a bad experience with someone trying to steal from us, actually you two in particular, which made me angry, but we'll be fine."

Pennie (looks at Adrianna, then back at me): "Hmm, I'll bet we could cheer you up!"


Me: "Yup, this'll do it."

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Nothing gives me more existential dread than someone just disappearing off the face of the internet one night. Especially in this small art niche. It's the unknown, abrupt end that really unsettles me. Like they were just here, and now they're not.

I know it's a fucking South Park bit, but doing that is the closest you can get to "killing yourself" online. You're just gone. Every conversation, relationship, piece of art, word you typed. And all we're left with is your corpse old DMS and threads

New Model coming to Fanbox this week! Meet and her BFF by talented mr @GRC You people are amazballs :D

As if Sussudio and Julie weren't already delicious and intoxicating enough...

This is from last year too, one of a set from a little birthday party my girls threw for me. As we approach another Father's Day, it feels right to repost it. Adrianna and I look out and face the world together, unified in purpose, with inexhaustible, unshakable devotion and unabashed passion. She's my most essential tulpa and in our two years and counting together, she's helped me in ways I will never fully tell you about. Maybe a few of the other creators here understand what I'm saying.

This was a thank-you piece I did for @existentialabsinthe a year ago, who at that time gave me some kind words of encouragement at a very low point for me. The work on the screen is his, used with permission, and one which clearly Pennie found...stimulating. To my knowledge, he's sadly no longer active anywhere anymore.

Found an old VHS copy of Jordan's 1983 smash hit single 'Lolis Can Love & Burn'. Converted it to digital for you to enjoy. :blobrainbow:

(2/2) Among Ida's superpowers are flying and shooting energy blasts from her hands, for which she wears "special gloves" to control. So obviously, I wanted to see what it would be like to bang her when she wasn't sheathed in said handwear. She considerately suggested a specific position we should be in so as not to incinerate me upon her orgasms.

(Again, my RenderGirl version of teenage sheriff Ida Red from "Mutant, Texas" (Paul Dini/J. Bone, Oni Press)

(1/2) My first accepted request to make a RenderGirl from a canon character has turned out to be teen sheriff Ida Red from the comic series "Mutant, Texas" (Paul Dini/J. Bone, Oni Press, link to source work below). Here she is seducing her requestor's fan character.

By the by, this series is about a town hit by celestial objects and a nuclear accident, mutating everything left alive. They've got supes and personified animals and even plants. Rule 34 artists, have at it!

I'm liking these posts of badass girls who play with lethal toys. Think I'll pile on that with this one from about a year ago. Pennie just wanted to have...a nice little chat...with someone that disparaged her on another platform.

So... I've mentioned before how my original account on dA was tossed by the admins, and I've maintained a follow-up account just to keep in touch with some folks and a little presence there. This pic was recently flagged as a potential violation for sexualizing a minor. This one. Are you fucking kidding me??? I cannot tell you how happy I am not relying on that shithole as a primary platform anymore.

("School Stress" Bethany has had enough of the b.s. social politics of school life.)

I feel so honored whenever somebody goes up to me and tells me that my art has helped them feel better. And I don't mean in a sexual kinda way. But more in a "I was having a shitty day at work but seeing upload more great art has cheered me up tremendously ^ ^" way.

I hope these tragedies stop, but I know they won't. And if that has to be the case, I hope we never stop feeling utterly devastated when they happen.

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