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I've added in new tiers with some bonuses to my patreon. If you enjoy my arts and the collab stuff I do with @Dorothy please consider supporting.

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Commissions are open again. If you're interested send me a dm and I'll see what I can do~ :uwu_cirno:


It's hard looking at Hannah in this one. I feel so bad for her, she looks miserable :cry_cirno: I just wanna hug her better and give her good noms. But she'll eat Frances' cooking every time cause she loves her, despite how terrible it is.


My last night of full time work before I go down to part time. Gonna have more free time to do drawings and such. Am looking forward to it :comfy_cirno:

and having some fun with a tied-up . The safety word is... any word at all. Is a "shame" Hannahs mute :uwu_cirno:

Am just wondering since i realised today that the songs i love the most arent done by my favourite band, but thought that itd be normal for it to be done by them.

A music question im curious about. Is your favourite song performed by your favourite band/artist?

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