Lincoln Lucy and Lupa (OC)

I wouldn't be able to explain how this situation came but enjoy :D

A comic comisioned by technosavy6758

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Commision by @Redkaze. Special thanks to @Doomguy. After being convinced by Lucretia to wear one of her clothes and to accompany her to the abandoned factory under the excuse of finding true love. Our friend Charlene did not expected that all this was a trick to be deflowered in one of the most romantic places in Easter Island. After getting away with it, Lucretia decided to make her company tasting the sausages she loves so much. Happy Valentine's Day.

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Commission - Maggie and Daughters, fixed.

Thanks to the people who corrected me.

A drawing of Maggie that I should have posted a long time ago, but I forgot lol

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Day 87: Amphibia + Random 

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