:blobsob: Im really sorry guys I dont think I'll be able to finish the marceline work for now, sadly I just dont find time to do any drawings.

But I'll give you the linework i have made for it, I'll probably wont be posting anything for some time hope you guys understand 🤠

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Now it's time for you to vote for which one you would like for this week! 😈

its not between the Gwens just to clarify 🤓

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Now it's time for you to vote for which one you would like for this week! 😈

I'll be doing a temathic every month, so here is the first poll for you guys to decide what i'll do this month

I was planning on coming back to spend full time on this, but I got to do a job for around 3 months so im gonnna be really busy.

I will still come back to post once a week probably, I'll do a lot of polls so stay around if you want to participate. 🤠

what would consider a loli?

Do you like when NSFW posts have text? (apart from onomatopoeia)

She found a herself a new boyfriend 🤠

I felt like uploading something to not keep everyone on the dark

Will be upleading new stuff at the end of the month

Which type of character do you prefer for NSFW?

What kind of background do you prefer?

What do you prefer?

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Sugär Bäbies- vol.1
(better quality re-upload, ENJOY!)

Releases June 30th

Become a fan @ dvd.fanbox.cc or buy at dvdchan.gumroad.com. Here's a glimpse of the bundle! Contains 4 animated loops of my teenage OCs (plus a FAN OC) enjoying a strong dick. I really enjoyed making this set, and it was great fun streaming it. Ciao!

Pearl Lineart

Will be uploading the full work tomorrow

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