I was asked to make a profile for Grace, so here is an early one. Shes in Loud House style but this is all fluid. Time to give her some friends and do more of her.

cheers to you guys @slimshod and @dark Shadow M.D. She's a blast to draw, and it was a fun idea!

Requested Amanda Lipton (Never Seen it) from Dr. Dimensionpants, pinup of dangling whatevers left of what she's wearing.

Some sketches requested of Riju from BOTW. I don't play much Zelda, really out of lack of time and Nintendos over anything else. Still, I'll revisit this and draw her again. I couldn't pick a drawing I liked so here's all of them....two of them are the same picture with different renderings (I had a nice sketch going until I completely fucked it up by going over it again)

For @slimshod
His OC Rosemary. Panel 1: Two scoops FTW Panel 2: Oh noes Panel 3: That escalated quickly.

Hey everyone, I have rare free time tonight, so if you have some characters/ideas you want to see or have a series in general you want me to draw, you can comment, DM me here on Pixiv! Stay safe. Here's the girl I made in a Loud House style last week, her name is grace.

Requested Kosuke from Megaman Battle Network. I had massive problems this week in that i liked nothing i did, so heres 2 hypno shotabpics for the price of none

I got a suggestion I liked for OC girl name....it was the first but it did pop: Grace. I think maybe her friends call her Gracie, and she's as a magical girl alter ego named Amazing Grace XD

A random oc girl done in Loud House style. She's casual, tomboyish, has long sensitive feet, and needs a name and story. More of her to come in this style and others!

Lisa ready to hit the beach. Warming up for Lisamania, I'm trying to think of a good picture set, but I saw this outfit from a screenshot and just wanted to draw it.

Wendy Darling Dominatrix suggestion. Like the Alice one, it was suggested Futa, but I also included a non Futa version. It's a colored sketch, but I actually think it turned out better than the Alice one.

I want to mix in some character design work and some original content. I'd like to work, perhaps collaboratively on some sort of visual narrative. So, this is just some random sibling duo.

Mabel is looking for takers for a tickle fight, and she intends to go below the belt. Do you think you could handle it? Stay tuned and let me know if you would like to accept her challenge.

Some Lisa drawings that came up today. The left one was a practice, while the right one is very nice meditative trance. It's a rough idea of either a series or short comic where her meditation mp3s get switch or she guides/seduces the viewer

Chisao Oyama from Megaman Battle Network hypnotized by suggestion. His eyes are heavy, the undies feel light, and soon he will be stiff as a board.

Sibling footjobs/sockjobs for Bart Lisa, and Lincoln and Lucy. The Lincoln/Lucy sketch idea was suggested (kind of a continuation) and will be expanded upon.

Suggested: Alice in Wonderland Futa Dominatrix. I'm neutral on Futa, I like in spots, but this was more of an opportunity to practice an interesting idea.

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