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For commissions, I'll draw what I generally draw in my normal gallery. You can discuss content with me privately, but I will not do any work that involves but not limited to: death/real people/bathroom stuff/vore/gore

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A small handful of commissions are now open on my new Ko-Fi page! I'm testing the waters a bit since I've been asked by some of you about them.

Boys boys boys. Colored doodles, each with their own little story for your own imagination.

Long overdue chipppettes comic commissions, no shoes, full service

Commissions are open again everyone :)
Order here
Or you can contact me here or Pixiv via message.

Hey everyone! I apologize for the unannounced hiatus. I give a shout out to those who commissioned me who waited nearly 2 COVID variants for their work. Thanks also to those who reached out since my last posts to check in. I can tell you exactly why privately, but the easy version is that I've been busy mixed with not being terribly happy with my work...awful combination, but I'm not self-loathing about it.

Sorry for the hiatus, dudes, I had to call in hypno domme Lola and hypno sub Lincoln to make you forget about this lapse of time.

Lincoln, his sexy feets, and some mind control do it for me. Fun commission :)

Here's an OC cutie I had drawing, Maddy. Don't mind her folks, for she has no mind XD

Yo Homies! I'm currently finishing my current wave of Commission work. I'm balancing it with some big outside projects, so I will announce when I open more slots. My lead times will be getting better later in the fall when that outside work is done. Love you guys :)

Simon Seville Commission, having himself a happy little hypno time. Simon and geeky boys are cute <3

Whoa!! I'm alive, and with a shota sockjob commission. It's ok Lincoln, enjoy being a boy :)

A little foot bodywalk/hypno commission. Carl is quite the Lothario, he does have 3 cute girls feet on him.
New Commissions are available. Visit to see slots and order. I can also accept private paypal via message here or pixiv.

Commission. Mabel enjoying a little massage from a "unique device". This concept was referenced from another artist (Caroo) as per instruction.

Bart and Lisa...An argument about what's more ticklish is settled...peacefully. (Sorry for dry spell)

Commission, Raven TTG style got Starroed.
New Commissions are open! Visit to order and for pricing.
You can also contact me here on Pixiv if you wish.
I'm likely to be very busy later on this month into the beginning of August, so now is the best time I can offer a good time frame :)

New Commission! Rita as undercover mom "Brita", having some footsie fun with Lincoln.

I felt like revisiting the Star hypnostockings. Now in stock!

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