There's also tons of changes between JP & EN subtitles, but I figured I'd ask about singular words.
A little weird what they changed...

For example, in a scene where the villain literally just says "Idiot!" in JP, the subtitles read (& EN voice actors say), "I have you!"
Like, what? Why? :gura_what:
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Not sure if the following qualifies as Current Day wordsmithing, but SMT V has two possible word usages that may have be influenced by localizers' choosing & neoliberal sensibilities. Possibly, and if so it is minor overall:

The use of "Humankind" instead of "Mankind",
and "Equity" instead of "Equality".

Thoughts? :naruhodo: Does anyone think the use of those words is something? Or literally nothing.

Nintendo Direct 

I hope nothing is censored for these new games & ports being announced. I want to experience 2B's ass on my Switch untarnished. :emoji_ongod:
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this seductive cutting board. imagine how smooth it is when you lick her boobs👀 :winky: 📋

this seductive cutting board. imagine how smooth it is when you lick her boobs👀 :winky: 📋

I'll also find time to finish previous drawing :loli: ✍️ 👀 💦

I´m beggining to be weak against clussy 🤡

Still working on the worldbuilding of my fanfic and thinking how does Pink knows about the teas, since hie's the only character who sells them. I don't think the addisons have the same magic habilites as Spamton. For the fic the proposal is that he obtained this knowledge from Seam but I still can't figure out how to link this :blobdetective:

Done a couple of months ago, originally at K's drawpile.

Shocking Three-way

Commissioned and right female OC by Snow

Recent commission of a boy nun doin' a few hail marys with a special someone.

Hope you guys enjoy!

I'm starting to realize that doing these more polished versions of lewd ideas isn't even that much longer than the sketchier versions, so I'll probably do a lot more of them. Especially when it's a pretty simple scenario

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