“In Summoner's Rift, each team has a Nexus that is guarded by two turrets in front of it” - LoLwiki

My Three Nymphos Part 17 While Lily play s with her father and cousin, Daisy is having some fun with Her mom Violet and her Aunt Rose.

re: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 

Uoooh! Shiny smol Ralts :sob2: UooOoOOhhh!! While chaining Ralts with the Synchronize ability in many different natures in prep to hunt for a Poochyena, I instead found this smoli!! Pure fuggin luck, no shiny charm, Search Level of 65, but an uninterrupted chain of seven. Wtf, how?!

Aaaaa, I didn't want to use Fairy type Pokemon, as a means to handicap myself in this Hoenn remake, yet how can I not now that I caught her?! :tantrum:
Now I can have a shiny Mega Gardevoir, which looks like she's wearing a black wedding/funeral dress!! I'll deal with the non comp nature. :love:
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re: Gm varish hangout 

-defending censorship
-praising modern women
-being a TLOU fan

Retard levels over 9000 :over9000.png:
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