The second patron reward of April 2021, an anime Mowgli with a bit of a hard problem.

"You see, we couldn't sleep and..."
Nevermind that guys, i'm staying to have an eye on you.

The first patron reward of April 2021, Len getting a nice dose of pot-ass-ium. 🍌

Ben found a peculiar device next to the omnitrix, now he's gonna discover all its secrets 👽🍆

A very insecteriffic comic commission, Bugsy has a new game to play, wonder if Ethan will enjoy it?

Merry Easter! 🥚
Have an eggs-ceptionally eggs-cellent weekend!

Commission for Takerukun.

Thank you so much!

Actually it was done for a while.

Can't believe I forgot to post it. I was too lazy to censor and resize them...again... so...

Commission for @cbalbuena099

Life is getting boring for Max, so he added some excitement~

number one toy seller in teyvat! of course he has the BEST for his little brother

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