(2/2) A glass-less version, again for some hands-on display action. Just don't touch his dick, the machine is designed to keep him perfectly on the brink and even the slightest extra touch will set him off. We can't be having that :blobcatknife:

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(1/2) And finally, one of my favourite sketches from Kinktober coloured! Hiro Hamada demoing out a merciless edging machine to raise funds for the science department, courtesy of his older brother's pervy genius :blobowoevil: Placing bets on whether he goes insane from the denial~

(1/2) It's been a while since I've posted here, got a few pics to catch up on posting ^^ This is the first set, featuring four cute boys on display, being vibed while locked tight under their briefs :blobcatcoffee: From left to right is Ben Tennyson, Shaoran Li, Nathan Adams, and Max Taylor.

#shota #bestiality #zoophilia #rape #dubcon #noncon 

My half of an art trade with @ardidon :blobartist:

The only time I’ll ever let BB top is when he’s in animal form, then I’m happy to watch him run wild.

Gift art I made back in the day for a friend featuring two of his OCs having fun with shibari.
Hope you like it!

What better time to share some Halloween content then after Christmas? This boy has gotten himself cursed with his ass possesed by a spooky thot. --This was a timed fanbox exclusive, If you check out my fanbox you can see other exclusives on there early.


merry crimbo. toon link thighs for good boys

Have you been a good boy/girl this year? Well, Santa doesn't seem to discriminate either way.
A bit late Merry Christmas!

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