I want him as my boywife and there's nothing you can do to stop me jfhjklghfgdfsdfg

(WIP) Seems Bill Murphy's gone and gotten himself in trouble with the wrong bullies :blobowoevil:

Mowgli (Original Idea by Valri, thank you!)

-Sponsors (Thank You!)-
GrimlockXXX - $20

-Total Funding-
$20 of $100 -incomplete-
Join my discord server through the link below. Immediately when you do, go to "The Task" channel and declare yourself as a "Client" or "Artist" to receive your proper role, otherwise the full server is inaccessible. Thank You.


#0721 Day!! 🤩 Alberto is teaching Luca a very important skill. 🥵

Some style shifted comm of all 3 Young Ben's from Ben 10 TOS - Ben 10 - and the (shit show, good design for Ben tho)

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