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wing-it commission for Maddug of his ogre loli OC, Bulga, enjoying a nice juicy burger and a beer after a satisfying fuck

thanks for your support!

Roosevelt Shoes, the catalyst to Dulce's perverted adventure.
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An old king from the middle ages found the best way to cure ED was to marry his young granddaughter and her friend. Why, he can barely last a lick now.

Art by @niichan

Dulce L. Canto, the protagonist of my upcoming visual novel.
Will be supported via my KoFi at PreciousArt.

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Wing-it commission from anon who wanted to see Mitsy getting fucked so hard by Damien that she peed >w>.... Thank you for the support and the awesome prompt, loved drawing this!

I never uploaded this here, whoops!

meet Dollie the pig, one of the older girls now attending the Pastel Daycare! She really excites Mr. Charon...

Весь день читал новости, поэтому даже волосы не смог нормально анимировать...

A little something for everyone that supports me and keeps me going.
Love y'all.

Support for HD versions~

Virginia may be 62 and Prince Arthur just 12 but that doesn’t stop their mouse-human relationship from blossoming.

It isn’t particularly a romantic one; she wants cheese and the kid wants boobs. But there are moments of intimacy that make their hearts flutter. As she rewarded a soft lick over his tip, he moaned her name. She responded, “Darling…you’re dripping.”

The way she softly, lovingly said ‘darling’ had just made the boy fall in love.

Art by @niichan

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