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Special versions and PSD found here:

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@Grimmy_Kun Glad to help xD
Doesn't have to be a full on reference. It could be an older image of the character you really like that's in a more neutral pose.

@Grimmy_Kun for me, when feeling unsure, I would draw a reference of the proportions I would count as their most canon one.
Then whenever I feel uncertain I would just pull it up later and take a glance to see if something went wrong.
Especially handy for more complex poses that expand into foreshortening and such.
Doesn't always have to be followed and it may deviate but if it makes me, the artist and owner of the character feel like something is off, I have a picture that can help me judge it.

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pov: you're a stray dog on the side of the road

(impulsively colored it)

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'tis seks 

Guest character because literally loli succubus.

'tis a hustle :kannaBlob:

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@Roostuf Agreed.
Wish they at least told us what happened to Kain in the end at least in text form xD

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