The longest I ever made is finally done, so sit back and enjoy :D

This has been a great learning experience and I am very pleased I managed to pull it off, even if it will have a limited audience and the art quality isn't the best.

It may be sketchy and messy but thanks to that I can upload it here in a reasonable file size, it's quite amazing :D

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I would warmly suggest opening the video in new tab for play controls and fullscreen option.

Also, if anyone wants to drop me a tip, I have a fanbox right here

I am not the type to ask for this stuff usually but maybe I should promote my stuff more :p

I know I tend to miss links in profiles unless they are in my face.

@PowerOfSin Is there anywhere we can find a copy of the original gif file, or did you upload it as a mp4 to begin with?

By the way, this is absolutely FANTASTIC! โ™ฅ

@Tynach Thanks :D
This was uploaded as an mp4 (8mb quality set to 5%), gif is too chunky even after optiomizations (28mb after lossy optimization and decoloring).

@PowerOfSin Not sure if Baraag re-encoded it. Looks to be about 7.878 MB, or 7.513 MiB (MB = 1000 KB; MiB = 1024 KiB). Looking at metadata, looks like it was not encoded with a constant quality, but rather an automatic bitrate (ABR, though really it's more of a 'target' bitrate, where it tries to guess what bitrate to use for each frame based on its content and how much of the file is left to encode) of 213kb/s.

@Tynach I see 7.9 on the local file, can't see exact bytes.
Not sure how much it matters how it's encoded but it's interesting nonetheless xD

@PowerOfSin It seems to have worked out alright in this case, but I'm almost certain the filesize could be made smaller but with just as high of quality. Looking further into ABR mode, people are often saying to never use it because it often makes poor bitrate decisions. I have a feeling it would work fine for 2-pass encoding so it knows ahead of time how many bits to allocate for each frame, though.

@Tynach I just tried to slide the OpenToonz quality slider for mp4 to 1% and it exports at the size of 1.6mb xD
It's quite crappy quality though: rain is just blots and cum is a mess, there is artifacts everywhere, but you can still watch it and figure out what's going on. Looks like an upscaled gif.

@PowerOfSin I don't know anything about OpenToonz or how its 'quality slider' works, but I have a feeling it's oversimplifying the encoding process.

Actually, I tried looking it up in their documentation, and don't mention a quality slider.. And in general they aren't describing any of the format-specific options available.

Hm. Might have to try installing it myself and see, though I'm kinda low on storage space...

@Tynach Opentoonz is very light. My linux portable version is 90mb.
Though you could dig around their sourcecode online if you are interested, it is open after all xD

@PowerOfSin I suppose that's manageable. I have about 10 GB of space right now, though a few weeks ago I had only about 1.5 GB.

@PowerOfSin it started off pretty depressing for her, but at least she found a friend in the end.

@PowerOfSin wow that was really good! Exhibitionist stuff is my absolute favorite :catto_blush:

@illyasonii Exhibitionism was supposed to be the main point when I started drawing it, but things kind of escalated xD

@PowerOfSin Damn its a shame no one was willing to help her out for so long, kinda felt bad for her until she found her pup.

@PowerOfSin This is such a wonderful animation! I love how desperate this girl is to lose her V-card

@CulturedLunatic Thanks :D
I am sure she had her reasons, but I have no clue what they are xD

@EscBoy Wasn't expecting to convert people unless they were already into it but I am happy you enjoyed it :D

@PowerOfSin @EscBoy Well you know what they say-with great power over pervs comes great responsibility to continue making sexy twisted perverted content.

@PowerOfSin Seriously, though-I know this stuff is a lot of work and doesn't come with much/any compensation, usually. So don't pressure yourself, OK. :) Your health & well-being come first. ^_^

@twistedtales Well, I did make it because I felt inspired and not for any monetary gain xD
I could have locked it behind fanbox or something but I would rather have more people enjoy it.
Tips would be nice but it's all a hobby... at least for now :p

@PowerOfSin Bravo! This is absolutely wonderful. Funny, kinky, twisted, and has heart. Top tier stuff, friend.

@PowerOfSin amazing work!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

@PowerOfSin At least after that she ready for anything, once you got the knot you can take any cock :blobthinkingsmirk: ~ Mia

@PowerOfSin That is some incredible work, you should be proud!

@PowerOfSin This is really good. I love it! What a lovely couple <3

@PowerOfSin This is a sexy and wholesome story. :aww: Great animation too btw, you made it really good.

@PowerOfSin I've also done a lot of animation so I know how much effort must have gone into this. This animation is really hot and I can't wait to see more. :3

@whoreomatic Thanks :D
Animation is definitely a challenge, but you were on the streams so you know how slow it goes :p
Imagine how long it would take if it wasn't crappy lineart and grayscale xD
It does let me try more complex movements without worrying about spending ages coloring it later.
And people definitely appreciate even if it's in this state.

@PowerOfSin this is very impressive ! Loved it and it's clear you have put alot of effort into this

@Hellothere Thanks :D
It has taken a lot out of me, but I feel it was worth it.

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